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5 Best CMS Platforms in 2019

Starting a business website is easier now as we have various technologies that assist in the web development process. A content management system is one that helps to create websites where the marketers and publishers have complete control on the web content and they can manage it easily without any technical help.

Today, many content management solutions are available open source where the users are given the freedom to make necessary changes, add extensions and to adapt the CMS as per individual requirements. But plenty of organizations face some challenges just because their CMS development services cannot keep up with their ambitions or their business growth.

So, here in this article, we will discuss some of the best CMS platforms to start your business website in 2019

CMS Platforms


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  • WordPress is the most popular CMS which is open source and can be used to create rich blogging sites.

This CMS boasts of the largest market share among the competitors.WordPress CMS development has grown far beyond a blogging platform and it is easy to use, can also be used to customize it to meet specific needs. When it comes to management, publishing posts and pages it is simple because it has a powerful editor that allows easy formatting of the content. It is also highly customizable and offers thousands of themes and plugins.


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  • This is another popular CMS that comes with a lot of features and is an open source.

Drupal shines a lot because it offers a very flexible system to deal with custom post types. It also gives the users a high degree of control over the users and their permissions and can also handle multilingual sites that are out of the box. Drupal CMS development offers advanced user management and has a detailed taxonomy system and also boasts of top notch security for websites.


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  • Sitefinity CMS development is a proprietary software and employs powerful digital asset management that enables the marketers to manage their web assets from a single location.

It gives the organization features like hierarchical libraries, tags and categories and the platform also offers ample SEO features to help push the website higher up in Google’s rankings. Sitefinity can also interact with Microsoft dynamics CRM, Salesforce and other third party tools.


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  • Magento CMS is a highly popular platform that focuses on designing customized eCommerce experiences.

The platform offers high security to the websites in the CMS space. Since it is powerful and easy to use, it is also the most appropriate CMS for marketing organizations that serve the clients. Hiring a CMS development company operating in India or the UK can help you to develop rich eCommerce sites that can attract huge traffic. This open source CMS platform offers enhanced control in terms of merchandising to promotion and this leads to increased growth.


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  • This CMS helps to manage the organization’s content and helps to handle the content models, metadata, versioning, permission and etc. effectively.

DNN CMS development also helps to create a personalized experience for every customer and this empowers the business user to publish and also measure the content. It also includes built in integrations to the systems that you are already using. It also encourages user generated content for the site via discussions, idea forums, newsfeeds and blogs.

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