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Sitefinity Vs DotNetNuke

Sitefinity Vs DotNetNuke: A Quick Review

In this present tech-oriented world that offers multiple CMS option, picking the best one has become an ordeal. Since every platform has its own share of good and bad points, the selection process becomes even more difficult. An appropriate CMS solution will enable you to manage your web content easily and ensure integration of various features and third party tools smoothly that would be quite expensive if you plan to develop on your own.

CMS comes in both free and open source as well as proprietary versions aimed for the enterprise. Whether you are looking for something born out of the open source community or for a commercial solution, there are two most popular platforms that you may want to consider – Sitefinity and DotNetNuke (DNN). But the question is why Sitefinity is a better choice among the two. Let’s take a deep look at Sitefinity advantage.

Business Benefits of Sitefinity

  • Basics:
    Telerik Sitefinity is a powerful CMS without complications and it empowers business owners with a self service approach to manage content and measure the results. Inspired by web2.0 UIs, it delivers a rich user experience together with a flexible architecture that allows developers to be in full control.DotNetNuke on the other hand is an open source, extensible CMS from the DotNetNuke Corporation with pretty good features that are best for startup websites as well as enterprises.
  • Framework:
    Sitefinity is implemented based on the standard ASP.NET Master page model and developers having a basic idea of ASP.NET can start with the development process. DNN on the other hand, uses ASP. NET User Control model that contains custom standard and this requires that the developers are aware of the rules before starting with the developing process.
  • Backend skills:
    It empowers the users by offering them the ability to perform various tasks in the backend without requiring any technical knowledge. But this is not so with DNN.
  • Telerik RadControl support:
    DNN community has some limitations using the Telerik Ajax controls, but Sitefinity has no such limitations. Only DotNetNuke Professional and Enterprise edition is free to access it.
  • End user experience:
    The UI is designed keeping in mind the users. It is much more flexible, extensible and allows the users to customize content creation, have more control over presentations and create engaging online experience.
  • Creating modules and plugins:
    You can use themes and master pages from Visual Studio to create templates and upload them. It also provides code templates that help the developer to generate specific codes for modules. Creating extensions in this platform is much more flexible than on DNN.
  • Additional products:
    It ships with many additional Telerik products like the Icenium/ Kendo UI Web and Mobile/RadControls for ASP.Net Ajax/RadControls for Silverlight/ Testing Framework/ JustMock Lite/ EQATEC Application Analytics etc.

Even if you have developers and designers to manage your website for you, it is always very important to handle some specific tasks all by yourself without the need of any technical skills. And yes, Sitefinity is reliable, easy to use CMS that can simultaneously support the interest of all the stakeholders.

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