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A Fair Review: ASP.NET Vs PHP

With hundreds of blogs, articles, and forum debates on the internet regarding whether PHP or ASP.net is a better platform, most opinions are biased because of the user’s preferences. Again, marketers and organizations also create posts based on promoting one language over the other. Also, most of the information is outdated or no longer valid.

For a clear comparison of PHP Vs ASP.Net, we need to consider their major upgrades and improvements done on both the platforms.

Here in this article, I will consider both the programming languages PHP and ASP.Net and do a comparison based on their features and their capabilities.


PHP Vs ASP.Net: An overview:

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  • PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source scripting language for web development, which is easy to embed with HTML. It has gained much popularity among the developers for multiple reasons and is one of the best frameworks offer easy coding techniques, which is a great reason for the beginners to prefer this language.
  • Created by Microsoft, ASP.Net is a server side web development tool that helps the developers to create dynamic web pages. Since it is a Windows based platform, ASP.net offer multiple development modes and environment. This makes it easier for the beginners to create APIs and develop web forms. And this is the reason for its immense popularity.

Performance and speed:

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Before we talk about the performance and the speed, let’s consider some facts that are essential for determining a website’s speed. Both the PHP and ASP.Net websites differ just a little when it is about performance or speed.

The basic task of any website is to generate an output of a query database and show the results ultimately to the user’s browsers. This means a simple communication between the database and the web server to produce the output. In case of ASP.net and PHP development, both are equipped equally to access the files and find images.

The speed depends much on the database server, bandwidth and the end users’ systems etc. But in general, the speed of ASP.NET is better than that of PHP and it also supports parallel programming for coding structure that runs all time.

Easy scalability and maintenance:

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Scalability and maintenance both have nothing to do about the selection of your platform. These two things basically depend on:

  • The best programming practices
  • Using a solid programming framework
  • Programmer’s skills
  • Following specific guidelines and standards

So if you are an entrepreneur willing to work with Drupal, then PHP would be better for you. This is simply because compared to ASP.NET, it is easy to learn and understand for the beginners. So if you are planning to hire fresher developers, then choose the one that you think is easy for them to handle.

ASP.NET has a lower market share than PHP development so the PHP community offers great support and contributes more than that of ASP.Net.


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Another major difference between PHP and ASP.NET is the security options that they provide. Both offer security features to the developers, but ASP.Net has inbuilt security features like SQL injection. It automatically does the work, whereas PHP offers you with some tools.

So when it is about security of your site, it is better to settle with ASP.Net.

Comparing on the Basis of Cost:

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This is probably an area where PHP has a strong advantage over ASP.Net. The reason being that PHP is open source while ASP.Net is owned by Microsoft and it charges a minimal web hosting fee. Another thing to note is that PHP can be used on Linux, Windows and Mac systems while ASP.Net is meant only for the Windows machine.

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