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Advantages of Using Single Sign on with Sitefinity Websites

More and more organizations are now moving towards the cloud and users expect a seamless experience from applications that they can access from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Since most large business organizations have dozens of touchpoints under various brands, their IT departments have to work hard to manage all of them efficiently. All the issues that are related to efficient access management has to be taken care of by the developers and the IT team, so that everything works smoothly.

sitefinity Single Sign On

It is here that the SSO strategy comes into play. SSO is a Single Sign On, a holistic approach that helps in the authentication and access of different sites. With SSO, the users are allowed to access the suite of applications through one single login id irrespective of the technology, platform or domain they use. SSO in the enterprise also refers to the ability for employees to login just for a single time with only one set of credentials and gain access to all the applications of the organizations that include websites, data for which the permission is set. SSO thus helps to solve the key problems for the business by offering them:

  1. Improved usability
  2. Greater employee satisfaction
  3. High security and compliance
  4. Lower IT cost

Sitefinity CMS development allows implementation of single sign on and access control for all its modern web apps and APIs. It uses the OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols, and this integration allows easy connection with all the clients like mobile, desktop applications, web, SPAs. It is also extensible and helps integration in existing as well as new architectures. The authentication is implemented and designed as a separate component and also helps to improve the security of the site.

By default, Sitefinity development uses the claim based identity and in this scenario, the identity of the user is authenticated by the Security Token Service. The STS issues tokens that contains the claim, which the user makes about their identity and the claims also contain the user identity as well as the permissions and roles. A Sitefinity development company can support two authentication models that are:

  1. Forms authentication
  2. Claim based authentication

The Advantages of Using SSO for Your Multiple Sitefinity Sites:

Improves User Satisfaction:

You must have noticed that most sites that offer SSO are social networking websites or any other Web 2.0 sites. SSO is simply designed to enhance the end user experience during the login process and makes the entire operation simple and quick. In order to implement SSO, a user friendly login process is very important as the login screen is the first place where the interaction between the user and the website will take place. If the users are customers, then they would want a great experience right from the beginning.

Single Sign On in Sitefinity: What It Is and How It Works

Boosts Compliance and Security Capabilities:

One myth that many people have about SSO is that it weakens the security system. They believe that if the master password is stolen, then all the related accounts will also have to be compromised. This is true in some cases, but since users need to remember only one password for multiple applications, they can actually create a stronger pass phrase and need not write it down anywhere. This practice often reduces the risk of password theft. To make the security even stronger, the SSO strategy can also be combined with multi factor authentication for extra security.

Allows B2B Collaboration:

Many products are not completely built in just one large enterprise. Goods like cars, phones, mobiles and many others are actually build through collaborative endeavors between the partner companies. For all these, large scale collaboration is needed and they should also be able to interconnect their IT systems and should be able to exchange the data seamlessly. Implementing authentication and authorization mechanism in large extranets is very difficult and this can only be solved by implementing the Single sign on system in Sitefinity websites. SSO can help to centralize the management of authentication and allow the users to login once and then gain access to all the participating partner’s shared applications.

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