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4 Online Learning Myths that can Be Addressed by Using an LMS Platform

It is highly important to ensure that students have a realistic understanding of the meaning to be an online learner. Though this is not unusual for the students to feel a bit uncertain regarding online learning, but they should be guided properly and their initial apprehension about the quality of online education should also be busted with proper reasons. E-learning providers are continuously endeavoring to bring out new means to make online learning one of the best means for continuous learning. It is by investing in LMS development that certain things like interactivity, course material and etc, can be enhanced.

Online Learning Myths

Today, there are numerous LMS platforms that comes with rich features to support online courses and give the learners the freedom to learn from anywhere and anytime and also access the resources without any restrictions. But for many learners out there, it is still something that is alien and they view e-learning with excitement and curiosity together with trepidation. Here are some top myths that need to be busted:

Myth 1: Online Classes are Usually Ineffective Compared to Physical Classes

It is true that there are many online learning courses which are not highly effective just as there are some poor classroom experiences, but this does not mean that all online courses are bad. The reasons may be lack of user interface, improper use of colors, poor information sharing and etc. All these constraints can be easily removed by hiring an LMS development company that can develop effective programs compared to the traditional methods of learning. It is with proper e-learning and analytics tools that the problem areas can be addressed.

Myth 2: You have to be Tech Savvy to Use Online Courses:

Many people are of the notion that online courses need great computer skills and knowledge on latest software. This is not true. Yes, online learning needs basic computer literacy, but to join the course and use it, you don’t have to be a tech wizard. Before the course starts, detailed instructions are given and this can be either through printed documents or video tutorials. There may be help sections also or instructors can also help anytime.

Points to Consider Before Choosing LMS Platform

Myth 3: Quality of the Course may Not be Maintained:

Many students consider online learning courses to be of low quality. But today, with various technologies and tools readily available and LMS developers integrating many extensions and plugins into the application, things have changed a lot. Expert educators now specialize in designing online courses and they consider many elements that ensure the engagement of studentz, interactivity and etc.

Myth 4: Working in Group is not Possible

Many people think that with online learning programs group work would not be possible any more. But this is not true as technology has made great advancements and student can now easily access an LMS course and go into virtual rooms to work on projects. Many students in groups can share the whiteboard, audio, video equipment and students can share ideas via forum threads, email, Facebook and etc. can collaborate on Skype or Facetime. With such sharing resources, groups can also conduct in depth research, participate in quizzes, create forums and benefit from continued collaboration.


Elearning is no more a disadvantage to the learners, but it has become one of the biggest strengths for learners. Various LMS platforms, e-learning applications have a positive effect on the motivation to continue with the learning process.


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