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PHP Application Password Security

How to Spruce Up Your PHP Application Password Security?

Security plays a great role in all PHP based websites and following a checklist for the security of your applications and taking measures to enhance it is imperative.

Hire .NET Resources

How to Choose and Hire .NET Resources Who Can Contribute from Day One?

Hiring the best .NET developer for your project is no more a big problem. With reliable and proficient software development companies offering outsourcing services, you can now hire talented resources to work for you easily.

Help Your Mobile App Survive the Stiff

How to Help Your Mobile App Survive the Stiff Market War?

Creating a mobile app may be easy, but planning out marketing strategies that will help it to survive the hard competition may be a difficult task. Following some important tips and implementing them carefully will help your mobile app to leave your competitors far behind.

CMS Comparison-WordPress, Drupal and Magento

CMS Comparison 2018: WordPress, Drupal and Magento Web Development

Choosing your CMS is an important step while planning for web development. But at the same time it is important to understand the varied features of the CMSs so that you can choose the best platform that satisfies your specific business needs.

Sitefinity 11 Will  Support for .Net 4.7

Sitefinity 11 Will Come Up with Support for .Net 4.7

Sitefinity 11 is supposed to come up with a support for .Net 4.7 and developers can now be relieved of all the issues and errors faced by them due to the update in the framework.

Selenium Testing-preferred-automation-tool

Selenium Testing: What Makes It a Preferred Automation Tool

Selenium testing offers great flexibility and extensibility and also provides the option of using a varied range of IDEs based on the development language chosen. It is one of the most preferred automation tools by the developers.

Personalise Your Website

How Personalization of Your Website Can Enhance Customer Experience?

To understand your target audience better and to increase revenues and profits from your business, personalizing your website through latest CMS is vital. So, create more tailored services and content towards your targeted audience.

Common CMS Myths

Common CMS Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

When it is about developing your website, investing in a CMS platform is the best choice as it helps to easily manage your web content. By going through the myths, you can of course make a more educated choice on whether you should want to implement a CMS or not.

Multilingual Website and SEO: A Marketing Guide

Multilingual Website and SEO: A Marketing Guide

Creating a multilingual site needs through research as it is important to ensure that the relevant search engines crawl and understand your website. Aiming multilingual SEO to make your site more visible to the search engines will drive more global audience and sales for your business.

SharePoint BI

The Contributions of SharePoint BI in Your Business

SharePoint is the most popular business solution that helps to enhance collaboration among various departments in the organization. It gives your company a competitive edge and helps with customer focused solutions that can meet everyday challenges.


The Potential of PowerApps with SharePoint

PowerApps is Microsoft’s strategy to place more collaborative tools in the hands of more enterprise employees. Users can now create mobile apps easily that communicate essential data to other stakeholders and employees.

Googles mobile-first index

Preparing Your Business After Google’s Mobile-First Index

With Mobile First Index, Google is now focusing more on mobile user friendly experience and this will in fact change the way websites are indexed in the SERPs.

how to enhance load time of DNN site

Factors to Consider to Enhance Load Time of Your DNN Website

Maintaining a good website speed is essential to make the site perfect for the users. There are various factors that should be considered to enhance the load time of your DNN website.

What Makes Mobile App UI  UX Design Such a Big Deal

What Makes Mobile App UI / UX Design Such a Big Deal?

While creating a mobile app, always remember that applicability is above anything and a flawless UI/UX design will help to attain your business goals. Considering the emotional response of the user makes it easy to attract visitors.

Hiring Staff Augmentation Services Can Add Value to Your Business

How Hiring Staff Augmentation Services Can Add Value to Your Business?

Hiring dedicated resource for your company ensures that the project gets completed on time and you are able to focus more on your core expertise. You can hire a team full time or part time and scale the resources up and down as per your project needs.

Capture International Audience for Your Ecommerce Business Website

How to Capture International Audience for Your Ecommerce Business Website?

Brands that are willing to penetrate the foreign marketplace should implement proven marketing strategies to bring about the transformation of capturing global audiences and promoting their products and services.


Understanding the Signs That You Should Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Hiring a dedicated team for your project may be a difficult task, but if you can clearly understand the requirements of your project, then choosing a reliable team is easy and they often work on a higher degree of constructive approach and responsibility.

Why SharePoint Server 2016 Is Best For Today and Tomorrow?

Why SharePoint Server 2016 Is Best For Today and Tomorrow?

SharePoint is used by organizations for collaboration of various internal teams, deliver secured content management and make business operations faster.


Sitefinity Thunder: What You Need To Know

Sitefinity is the most preferred CMS by developers due to its user-friendly features. Sitefinity Thunder is the plug-in for Visual studio that helps to speed up the development and support of the site.


Building Mobile Apps with HTML5 is Easy Now – Know Why

Mobile app developers have various programming , but HTML5 seems to be a good one before them as it now comes with strong features that helps to create functional apps that can run seamlessly on any mobile device.


How Page Load Time Can Affect Your Ecommerce Site?

Patience is something that you cannot expect your visitors to have when they are browsing your website. Page load time of your site is vital to retain the visitors and so it is important to adopt every possible measure to reduce the loading time of the site.


Important Points to Consider Before Choosing Your LMS Platform

While getting started with your LMS platform, it is very important to consider a set of questions that are specific to your organizational needs. Considering the points will help you to choose the best learning solution for your audience without the need to compromise on any features.

Why 24X7 Monitoring Business Critical

Why 24X7 Monitoring Business Critical Applications Is Essential?

24X7 website monitoring helps to keep a close eye on the performance and statistics of your site and it is one of the best ways to ensure continuous productivity and improvement of your business website.


Why Kentico CMS Is Best For Responsive Website Development?

Kentico CMS is a popular platform that developers usually prefer to use while creating a responsive website as it offers various rich features that makes the entire task easy and offers a great user experience.

How to Enhance Your Application Development Environment

How to Enhance Your Application Development Environment for Higher Productivity?

Having the ability to develop software applications that can be delivered very quickly to the market is important to remain competitive. And for this, you have to maintain a proper app development environment, so that the productivity of your team members remains high.

Challenges in Big Data

Challenges in Big Data and Top Languages to Crunch It

Big data is now a crucial means to gain a competitive edge and remain ahead of their peers. The analytics will help to create new growth opportunities and allow business owners to test theories in real time that were never possible before.

Access Business Information with SharePoint

How SharePoint Makes It Easy To Access Business Information?

Undeniably, SharePoint works brilliantly for any organization, where crucial information has to be shared with the employees. It is an excellent collaboration tool that offers security and also provides privacy for the management procedures that are developed through it.


Essential SEO Checklist before Making Your Sitefinity Website Live

Sitefinity CMS is a reliable online business platform that offers a wide range of features that can adapt to various business requirements and help to implement the SEO strategies easily.

Multilingual WordPress Translation Plugins

Multilingual WordPress Translation Plugins to Use

If you have plans to create a multilingual site, then choosing the best WordPress translation plugin may help you to connect with an audience in their own language.

Latest-Testing-Trends-Of 2016 That IT Industry Should Know

Latest Testing Trends Of 2016 That IT Industry Should Know

Business owners all over the globe are awakening to the need to have a high quality product in order to maintain their edge in the industry. Availing standard QA services can help you to easily adapt to the latest testing trends.

Marketing Software That Can Enhance Your Digital Campaign

Essential Marketing Software That Can Enhance Your Digital Campaign

Digital marketing is the new trend of promoting your business and the strongest means of incorporating it is to use certain software so that it generates the best results and adds value to your business.

Right Time to Upgrade Your Site to Latest PHP Version

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Site to Latest PHP Version

The prime focus of your business is to offer high quality services and performance to your consumers. Upgrading to the latest PHP version has great benefits, so considering few points will help you to decide on what is the right time for upgradation.

Umbraco helps marketers target potential customers

Why Marketers Prefer Umbraco CMS to Target Their Audience Base?

There is no denying the importance of selecting a best CMS for your website. Umbraco development not only helps the business owners but also allows the marketers to focus more on their target of reaching out to a greater audience base.

How Sitefinity CMS Development Can Impact SEO

How Sitefinity CMS Development Can Impact SEO?

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in making your business successful a perfect CMS like Sitefinity can help you to optimize your website and boost online visibility.

PSD to Magento conversion build impressive e-store

Create Impressive Ecommerce Store with PSD to Magento Conversion

PSD to Magento conversion will help you to create an outstanding ecommerce solution that is enriched with multiple features and functionalities and has the capability to impress your visitors.

Why Agile Testing Is the Best Practice to Ensure Software Quality

Why Agile Testing Is the Best Practice to Ensure Software Quality

Testing plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of software and Agile testing helps to detect any errors in the software at an early phase and makes sure that the product meets the exact requirements of the end users.

Business Benefits of Selecting PhoneGap App Development

Why to Choose Phonegap for Your Business?

Choosing PhoneGap app development will enable you to create mobile apps that can be easily accessed from various devices and help you to remain competitive in the market.

Cloud A Smart Move For Organizations

Is Cloud A Smart Move For Organizations?

The advantages of cloud computing are innumerable and reports have stated that it already delivers efficiencies and cost savings, that has led to increased cloud adoption.

Quick Steps to Get Started with Automated Testing

Quick Steps to Get Started With Automated Testing

Automated testing has numerous benefits as it helps to reduce the overall cost of testing the application and maintain the quality of the software. Following some of the best practices for automation testing may help to enhance the quality of your application.


Increase Success and Lower Cost with the Right Mobile App Development Strategy

Proper planning of mobile app development strategy holds great importance as it helps to reduce 20% of the overall project budget and improves the business process or key interaction point with the users or customers.


How Sitefinity CMS Helps to Change the Business Environment?

Sitefinity is a powerful CMS that allows website owners to manage their web content with ease. It helps to strategize your marketing campaigns to match your long term vision.

A-look-at-the-latest-software-testing-trends- 2016

A Look at the Latest Software Testing Trends- 2016

The latest software testing trends and statistics predict a bright future for QA and software testing domains and it is time for testers to be prepared and grab the opportunities.

popularity of DNN CMS

The Reasons Behind the Immense Popularity of DNN CMS

DNN is a popular platform that is preferred by the developer to create feature rich websites as the framework is robust, scalable, secured and offers great community support.


The Future Possibilities of JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular language that is preferred by the developers and with additions like node.JS, jQuery, JSON and etc. it has become an important language that will not only maintain itself, but also extends its hold on building apps.


How to Start Your Personalized Web Content Strategy with Sitefinity?

Sitefinity content personalization feature helps to deliver meaningful content to the audience and then analyze the results based on a wide range of characteristics.


Things to Consider While Optimizing Mobile App Testing

Testing a mobile application is often more complex and involves a lot of time compared to desktop or web apps. Optimizing the app is crucial to meet high quality standards and for the success of an app.

Drupal 8 Helps Startups and Small Businesses

Drupal 8 Helps Startups and Small Businesses to Accomplish Their Goals

Drupal 8 has come up with new and improved capabilities and it helps business owners to create websites and applications that meet the goals and objectives of the business.

Boost Your Mobile Strategy as Ecommerce

Boost Your Mobile Strategy as Ecommerce Trends Will Take a Leap In 2016

Ecommerce mobile shopping will see a steep rise in the graph this year and business owners should be prepared with the best practices of creating ecommerce sites to help them fully capitalize on the changing shopping trend.

PHP for Startup Companies

Why PHP Is a Good Choice for Startup Companies?

PHP is the most popular framework that is chosen by both the developers and the business owners because of its effective features, startup environment quality and immense flexibility.


Boost the Performance of Your Website with PSD to HTML5 Conversion

The conversion of PSD files to HTML5 codes allows the business owners to create user friendly, interactive and easy to download websites that contribute to higher revenue generation.

Sharepoint 2016

Sharepoint 2016: A Look at the Improved Features

SharePoint is an enterprise content and document sharing tool that helps business owners to improve collaboration among their employees and partners.


Things You Should Consider Before Developing Your First Mobile App

Before going ahead to build your first mobile app for your business it is vital to consider certain factors in order to pull in maximum number of visitors and to benefit more from developing an application.

Magento-2.0-PHP-7- Ready

Is Magento 2.0, PHP 7 Ready? An Overview

The latest version of PHP 7 has been released, but it is not yet compatible with the latest version of Magento, but fortunately it is quite easy to fix and with several tools and resources, the latest versions will surely enhance the performance of the site.


  Avoid Common Mistakes While Building a Joomla Website

  Creating a Joomla website is definitely beneficial for your business, but at the same time it is very important for the developers and designers to avoid the biggest    mistakes while creating the site so that you are free from any future hassles.


What You Should Know About WordPress Blogging Platform?

If you are like most business owners and want to keep your site updated with content then WordPress platform can help you to setup, manage and update your web content easily.


Content Marketing Through Sitefinity That Helps Business Grow

Sitefinity CMS allows you to personalize your webpages and create more relevant means of communications between your visitors and your business.


Interesting Features of DNN Evoq 8

DotNetNuke development provides various solutions that make creating and managing feature rich sites and communities fast and cost effective. The Evoq 8 empowers the digital marketer by offering them new capabilities that can make them more efficient than before.


SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2: What’s New In It

SharePoint 2016 is supposed to be released in the first half of next year and with the beta 2 release its time to check the new features that it is supposed to come up with.


Best Mobile Marketing Apps That Every Marketer Should Download

Mobile apps are great help for today’s marketers and with new applications being launched in the market, it is becoming easier for them to form new business strategies and track their campaigns.


Hosting Your Umbraco Website on the Windows Azure Platform

It is very important for business owners to have the ability to access data from anywhere and any device. Hosting your Umbraco site on the Windows Azure platform is a simple and quick means to enjoy this flexibility.


Open Source Technology and Its Benefits

Open source technology is one of the widely used platforms when it comes to creating any business application or website. Its unique features and advantages make it popular among developers and business owners.


Maximize Marketing Impact by Creating Sitefinity Responsive Website

Sitefinity is the most popular WCMS platform available that developers and designers love to use to create applications that are responsive designs.

Advantages of PHP Website

An Overview of the Advantages of PHP Development

PHP development is very popular among business organizations as it offers great advantages like interoperability with multiple servers and operating systems. It is safe and an ideal platform for ecommerce development.


A Guide to Magento Command Line Interface

A good CLI is beneficial for advanced apps and Magento has selected to use the industry standard framework. This will need no modifications to run commands that are specific to Magento.

PhoneGap for Business Mobile Application

Why Enterprises and Developers Choose PhoneGap to Create Business Apps?

PhoneGap is the most popular cross platform used by the developers to create apps to target multiple mobile devices. It is due to its immense feature and functionalities that developers find it easy to create apps using this framework.


Sitefinity 8.2 Beta Version Released – A Look at the New Features

The latest sitefinity 8.2 beta version has been released and it has come up with many new features and has fixed the issues in the previous versions. The new version is said to offer a better user experience and gain full control of website content.

Secure Dot Net Application

Tips To Secure Your Asp.Net Application

Securing your ASP.NET application should always be your prime consideration and it is important to make careful security considerations while implementing them on your website. Adopting some good practices will help to secure your Microsoft web platform.

Drupal Problems and Their Troubleshooting

Common Drupal Problems and Their Troubleshooting

While developing a Drupal website, it is very common that you come up with common problems that are simply annoying. Knowing the quick solutions to these problems will save much of your time and help you to launch an error free application.


Few Reasons Why You Should Decide to Switch to WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS today because of its out of the box functionalities and features that help developers to create websites that are powerful and extremely beneficial for business owners.


Why Outsourcing Computer Security is Gaining Popularity Today?

Web security plays a great role in online business organizations. And security breach can often result in losing the trust of your customers and gaining a bad reputation in the market. Outsourcing web security services are a great option to reduce such risks.

roslyn for kentico

Use Roslyn to Reduce the First Request Load Time of Kentico Applications

Using the Roslyn compiler in Asp.Net has many benefits like it supports new language features and offers potentially improved application startup/ pre-compilation time.


How Outsourcing Can Contribute To Enhance Business Revenues?

The substantial savings of software outsourcing are great, but it is vital to determine which specific jobs to outsource. Doing this can definitely scale up your business without huge capital expenditure and allow businesses to manage growth and expansion.


Factors to Consider When Hiring a Mobile App Development Partner

Choosing an apt company for creating your mobile app is the first step towards business success. Hence, this decision must be taken carefully keeping all the considerations like pricing, efficiency, reliability and etc. in mind.


Why Cloud Computing Is Best For Magento Ecommerce Store?

Cloud computing service providers offer Magento websites a highly scalable, reliable and low cost infrastructure platform that helps the business run smoothly and efficiently.


Creating Effective Business Solutions Using Low Cost Methods

Launching a business application is not the completion of the mission, but it is important that the clients receive a product that will enhance their business operations and generate higher ROI at a cost effective price. A proper plan ahead of time can only help to attain this.


Best Web Development Tools That You Should Consider in 2015

Web development tools help developers create websites easily by allowing them to handle problems smoothly and efficiently. They not only improve the development experience, but also help to make the site more functional and user friendly.

Elements to Consider for a Successful Ecommerce Business

Essential Elements to Consider for a Successful Ecommerce Business

To be successful in the ecommerce market it is very important to know your customers, analyse their behaviour and provide them with information that they actually need from your site. Developers and designers should create the site so that it is user friendly, informative, secured, fast and gives every possible reason to the customers to buy from you.

What’s New in Sitefinity 8.0: A Look

A CMS like Sitefinity always ensures that you offer a seamless and user friendly customer experience. The latest version allows you to track and shape the user experience on your site by tracking and analyzing their behavior. This contributes to achieving business goals and growing the sales pipeline.

Umbraco v.6 to v.7

Taking a Leap from Umbraco V.6 to V.7? Know What’s New

Umbraco is an open source.NET CMS that deserves serious consideration while evaluating your new website platform. Released in the year 2004, it has matured into a stable product and is greatly popular in Europe and has a burgeoning user base in the US as well.

Expert CSS Coding Ideas

Expert CSS Coding Ideas for Better Websites

Every website page has at least one style sheet, if the designer doesn’t apply any styles. The default style is used by the web browser to display the page if specific instructions are not provided. But if the designer states any instructions then the browser needs to know the precedence of the instructions.

Improve your sale magneto website

Tips That will Help You Improve Sales on Your Magento Store

For businesses it is not always easy to experience the sales they anticipate. So, if you are running an online store and are looking for ways that can help you make the most of your e-business model, then here we bring to you some simple tips for your Magento eCommerce store that can help you improve your business performance.

sharepoint for business organization

Some Ways That SharePoint Can Empower Your Business Organization

SharePoint is the easiest and simplest means to share, organize and collaborate date more effectively. The various tools not only improve the company’s productivity, but also help employees to remain well informed and updated.

WordPress programmer, developer or Designer

WordPress - Developers, Programmers or Designers?

Understanding your project needs clearly is the first step to success. Since it is important to create a site that can attract visitors and enhance your business revenues, you should hire professionals having expertise in the specific area to make the necessary changes in your site or to create a fresh one.

Multilingual website development

Expand Your Reach Globally With Multilingual Website

Business continually has changing needs and sees shifts. Today, most companies are trying to secure their international foothold by creating a multilingual site to remain competitive in the global market.


Magento Enterprise or Community: What Suits You Best

Ecommerce stores may often seem to you like birds of a feather, as all the stores deal with products, manage orders and make sales. But the fact is that ecommerce stores are as diverse as the avian kingdom. So if you are planning to have a store or already managing one, then you must have already figured out that choosing the right ecommerce platform is very important to meet your business needs. This is only possible if you have a clear concept of what your store needs and what the different developing platforms can offer you.

Artificial Intelligence is Becoming an Integral Part of Smart Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence is Becoming an Integral Part of Smart Mobile Apps

Mobile app development companies are challenging the limits by implementing artificial intelligence to enhance the personal experiences of the users. With leading brands already on the bandwagon, it’s time for small organizations to focus on AI implementation.
Wordpress GDPR

Key Aspects of WordPress GDPR That Users Need to Consider

To make your WordPress website GDPR compliant, you need to consider the different ways of collecting your visitor data, make sure that your users have complete control on their data and avoid collecting the data that is unnecessary.
Boost Marketing Efforts of Your Sitefinity Website

Tips to Boost Marketing Efforts of Your Sitefinity Website

Sitefinity CMS has come up with lots of improved features and functionalities that enables you to measure how your customers are interacting with the site and help to segment and personalize the content for them accordingly.