Microsoft Azure Platform has become a much sought after tool for developers who want to build such high end web applications that run partially and/or entirely in a remote datacenter with a platform and with a set of tools.

What becomes easier with Microsoft Azure in India is the convenience to move the processing and storage of applications from your business’ corporate servers and websites to the huge Microsoft data centres.

Thus, needless to mention, Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services should definitely be on the list of those businesses who need such a web development technology that requires minimum capital investment and offers processing and storage services that can easily meet the ever increasing demand of such services.

Be on Cloud 9 with this Cloud Based Development Platform!

IDS Logic has a pool of skilled Microsoft Azure application developers that deliver excellent programming tools, languages as well as frameworks supported by Microsoft Azure. We ensure that every business that requires agility, achieves it with Windows Azure.

Our expertise with this technology includes:

  • Microsoft Azure Application Development
  • Microsoft Azure Data Management
  • Microsoft Azure Migration Solutions
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure Custom Development & Integration
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services
  • Microsoft Azure Deployment Solutions
  • Backup Services for Microsoft Azure

So, if you want to join hands with a reliable web development partner that builds feature rich internet-scale applications running on Microsoft Azure, then contact our team at the earliest!

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