Sitefinity Analytics Module

How to Set Up an Analytics Module in Sitefinity

In this section, we will show how to set up the Analytics module.

Sitefinity CMS Analytics module is used to track your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. The module consists of various reports and indicators that give you statistics for the visits and the visitors of your website

The web analytics feature of Sitefinity CMS is tightly integrated with Google Analytics in the backend providing the users with all the benefits and features of Google Analytics in the context of the CMS.

The built-in Analytics Module retrieves data from Google Analytics and displays reports for all websites running in your Sitefinity project. 

Please Follow These Steps to Set Up the Analytics Module that are Given Below:


Step 1: Go to the Administration >> Modules & Services and check if Analytics module is activated or deactivated. If the Analytics module is deactivated than first activate this module after that follow these steps.

Modules Status
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Step 2: Navigate to Marketing » Analytics

Step 3: Click Configure Analytics after the window appears

Note: To perform the initial setup of Analytics, you must register your website in Google Analytics.

Analytics Setup
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Step 4: Enter the Client ID and Client Secret.


Step 5: Click on Login to Google.


Authentication to Google API
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Step 6: Allow the created project to view and manage your Google Analytics data.

Step 7: In Available accounts, select the view that you have created to track this website.

Step 8: In Tracked domains, select the domain of your website.

Step 9: Click Save Settings.

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