Top Android Development Tools

Top Android Development Tools That Every Developer’s Toolbox Should Include

Mobile app development is core to business if you want to capture the market and remain competitive.  If you have an idea and you are looking forward to create an app as a developer, then it’s time to declutter your toolbox and keep the only most essential app development tools there. However, there are so many tools out there that it can easily make your head spin.

“As per statistics, Google Play store has over 2.8 million android applications available, which is higher than what Apple App stores have. Since there are more Android mobile devices in the market today than any other OS, the demand for apps are also going to increase in the coming future.”

In this post, we have listed some of the best android development tools that are right for your business and can be within the budget. With these tools Android developers will be able to churn out their apps faster and more efficiently.

Top Amazing Tools that Mobile Developers Can Use for Android App Development

Android Studio:

This is an official Integrated Development Environment for android application development which is created by IntelliJIDEA. It has always been on top of the list of preferred tools. Android Studio offers code editing, testing and debugging tools all with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

It can be loaded for free and is supported not only by Google, but also by an active and huge community of android developers.


This tool mirrors the real device on your PC and this turns into a powerful tool if you are a developer who hates to create the apps on emulators, but crave to use its advantages. Vysor helps to mirror all your live app demos on the big TV screens or projectors.

So, if you think that this feature will match your own workstyle, streamline your work processes and help to create a better app with ease, then it is best to go for it.

Android Debug Bridge:

Android Studio includes ADB, which is a bridge or a command line tool of communication between the Android devices and other computers that can be used while developing and overall debugging of the application.

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It is by connecting an Android device to the development PC and by giving a series of terminal commands, the developer can make certain modifications as needed for both the devices.


Eclipse was there before Android Studio and the tool was the officially preferred IDE for android development. Google no more offers its support for Eclipse, but many developers still use the tool to create Android and cross platform applications as it works very well with different programming languages.


This is used to develop the Twitter’s mobile application. It allows the developers to create better mobile apps by providing them with a range of options and kits that they can pick and choose from. The kits include everything from beta testing to advertising and marketing tools.

In January 2017, Google purchased Fabric from Twitter. Many big brands like Spotify, Square, Yelp, Groupon have used Fabric to develop their mobile applications.



Genymotion is another Android emulator that helps the developers preview and test an application on more than 3000 device scenarios. The tool is popular among game developers, because it has some pre-installed standard Android graphics and images that are useful in the testing process.

Genymotion is a cross platform development tool that supports many different environments and languages.

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IntelliJ IDEA:

This is a popular Android app development tool from the developers at JetBrains and it is designed to increase the programmer’s productivity. It comes will a full suite of features and is extremely fast.

The tool is a Java IDE and gives smart code completion, framework specific support, detecting matches, richness patrons, language injections and etc.

With literally hundreds of tools available for Android development, each developer has their own preferences for what tools they would use based on the particular application that they are creating.

The pool of tools helps the developers save time while producing high quality apps for the users.


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