Use of SharePoint: Some Advantages and Disadvantages

Every organization needs a secured place to store, access,share and organize business information from any device. Microsoft SharePoint is a browser based collaboration and document management platform that allows groups to create a centralized and password protected space for sharing of documents.

Today, over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies are powered by SharePoint and they are using it to satisfy various requirements. It is a back-end system that allows the employees of an organization to communicate and synchronize their efforts through a PC or mobile devices.


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To ensure that your business processes runs smoothly and efficiently, it is important to implement a solution that can simplify rather than complicate and offer a greater control over your business.
In this blog, I would discuss with you both the pros and cons of SharePoint.


Why is SharePoint used?


1. Collaboration:

With many people working on one project, it is difficult to stay coordinated if your team members are working from different places. SharePoint is designed for ease of interaction from any desktop or mobile device and it gives an easy access to information or project statuses, schedules of co-workers and any other details related to the project.


2. Intranet and Extranet:

SharePoint can be used to create internal  sites that face everyone present in your company where they can sign in to find announcements, news, scheduled tasks and a wide range of other information.


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The dashboards can be easily customized according to departments and roles and also according to the different levels of access. The platform can also be used to share information with outside business partners. Based on their requirements you can allow them to view the information of the company that they may need.


3. Business intelligence:

SharePoint web development company allows you to provide a comprehensive access to your business data that makes it possible to take better and informed business decisions. It makes easy to search company’s files and helps you with intuitively graspable charts and graphs.

What makes the platform a powerful tool is its features and functionalities that can be easily customized to streamline various aspects of business collaboration.


4. Some difficulties of using SharePoint: 

SharePoint has many out of the box features and it is great for people who are not very sophisticated about technology or project management. The danger, however, is that the application infrastructure may be very clunky and in many cases unrealistic to implement. 

It can become difficult to control unless the project members have a clear understanding of the project’s objectives and goals.



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SharePoint is a collaborative tool that brings people together and allows them to share information about a project. But one problem with it is that it lacks the process element and is not perfectly wired for specific functions like project management.


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