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Can Dedicated Developers Reduce Your Project Cost? Here Is How

Whenever business owners plan to build an application, the first question that comes to mind is whether developing a custom software solution with an in house developer and support team is the right decision or not? If it is yes for you, don’t you think that you are choosing a baffling route to get a personalised application developed? With software companies in India offering technology expert developers, hiring an in-house team is really not a good decision.


Now You May Ask Why is Hiring a Dedicated Developer the Best Option?

For this you have to first understand if outsourcing may help to reduce your project development cost or not?

Let’s take a look at some important facts:

  • As per the survey done by Clutch, about 37% of small businesses manage their business process by outsourcing, whereas 52% are planning to do that in the coming year.
  • About 78% business owners are satisfied with their outsourcing partners.
  • India and China are the leading outsourcing companies from where you can hire dedicated developers at affordable costs
  • The global outsourcing market is expected to reach $220 billion by 2020.

No matter how big your business is, managing the software development cost is always one of the biggest concerns of all enterprise. They can use the above data to stay informed and take good decisions while hiring a dedicated developer from an outsourcing company for their upcoming project.

Let’s consider a few more points here:

Why is Custom Development so Costly to Build?

Business organizations often try to look for clever means to keep their projects in line, but in many cases, they fail to manage the cost of their projects. When it is about the word “Custom”, then developers have to follow a good strategy to keep the cost limited.

Reasons of Failure:

  • Poor Planning: Proper planning is very important for eliminating the extra cost of development. You need to know your needs and for that planning is essential for accurate management.
  • Lack of Communication: Miscommunication between the developer and the client can lead to a major risk. Under communication, over communication and micro management are some of the big reasons of failure.
  • No Testing: Software testing is crucial if you want your software to run smoothly without bags. If you adopt an improper testing process, then solving the bugs can become costlier.

How Hiring Dedicated Developers from an Outsourcing Company can Reduce the Overall Cost of your project?

If you are looking for a one-word answer to keep the costing limited, then hiring an expert dedicated developer from a reliable company is the only answer. Since they are experts in their fields, they understand the future trends and can help your industry to succeed in the market.

Hire the Best Dedicated Resource for Your Project

Leveraging Expertise:

Most enterprises are not fully equipped with technical skills to manage business operating. Woking with inexperienced and limited resource many not fulfil the demands of the organization. Ultimately, this leads the business to hire dedicated software developers who enable the company to develop an application by adding the expertise of working in specific areas.

Collect Project Requirements and Select Best Strategy:

If the project requirement is not clearly understood and the objectives defined clearly, then developers can make mistakes while developing the project. Hiring a dedicated developer helps in this case as they are experts and can easily understand the specific requirements of a project. They can also suggest the best solution, handle essential changes while developing the project and this ultimately saves up a great cost.


Increased software development cost is one of the major concerns for business organisations. Hiring dedicated developers who are skilled to handle project needs and can deliver quality products can help to reduce the overall costing of the project.

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