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How Sitefinity CMS Meets the Modern Digital Demands of the Customers

Modern customers have demands and concerns that in some way or the other is quite different from what was before the digital era. Brands need to be confident in how they cater to them. A survey from CMO council and Worldwide Partners of more than 350 marketing leaders has revealed that only one fifth of the organizations in the globe are prepared to respond to such modern demands and needs of the customers.


Since data security, accountability and privacy are some of the top critical demands of the customers, a little misuse of personal data or any data breach can force the customer to take action, which include no longer buying from such brands that does not offer personalization or security or taking steps that will ultimately reduce the digital footprint.

Why Sitefinity is Best?

Progress Sitefinity is a modern ASP.NET CMS that helps to deliver intuitive web content for both big and large sized enterprises. It supports an agile responsiveness to the ever changing needs of the customers and the CMS offers a development environment having a rich end user experience. Sitefinity encompasses Ecommerce, a digital marketing analytics solution that allows the organization to create and support multiple websites and mobile apps through various channels under the defined workflow. Today, there are more than 10,000 Sitefinity websites that deliver rich and relevant customer experience.

Important Sitefinity Capabilities for A Productive Business

Some Reports on the Modern Demands of Customers:

Customer loyalty has always been very important for the customers, and in the digital world it is crucial. Some statistics to consider.

  • About 80% of the consumers look for a more personalized service both online and offline
  • 63% of the retail customers expect latest technology to enhance their online shopping experience
  • 70% of the buyers learn about the products through informative content
  • 65% of B2B customers are willing to raise their bar on their shopping experience.
  • 72% buyers share their bad experience with their friends or relatives.

So, this means that experience matters and for that you have to modernize your customer engagement strategy that can offer positive benefits. Your customer experience with your brand through digital channels include website, mobile device, social media, chat, and etc. Sitefinity CMS development offers a great digital experience that helps to encompass the entire business, and expand beyond the customer journey to include employee engagement.

How Sitefinity CMS Helps to Strengthen Your Digital Engagement:

There are five major competencies that drive the digital experience.

  • Organizational Structure: The organization should consider the customer digital experience as a priority in skills, resources and partners. For this, the CMS should offer features that help to maintain the organizational structure and share any information effectively.
  • Strategy: Without a perfect digital engagement technology, you can never offer a great experience. For this, you have to identify the pain points of your customers and develop a strategy from a centralized point. A CMS like Sitefinity offers content distribution capabilities that help to make an impact on the customer engagement.
  • Technology: A cloud first API technology can help to accommodate the modern demands of the customers and at the same time connect to the new sources of data. Sitefinity CMS offers cloud facility that makes sharing of information easier.
  • Governance: The organization should adopt a process with agreed to governance and change management so as to adapt easily to the changes in the customer experience.
  • Process: Adopt an agile methodology, so that you can take a constant feedback loop while building, designing and testing the application.


With Sitefinity CMS, your services to meet modern digital demands will also mature and you will be able to distribute web content to destinations, which are outside of your front end website and at the same time add more and more components to enhance the user experience.

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