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Build e-Store with PSD to Magento Conversion

The field of e-business has become very competitive and every business owner wants to expand his ecommerce base by effectively designing it and adding more interactive and functional features to catch the attention of the customers. But most business owners are not technical people and are not aware of the latest updates in the internet technologies.
This ignorance often leads to missed opportunities and low profits. Magento is an effective platform that can help any e-business to increase their sales volume. It is an open source framework and offers various tools and feature rich solutions to make the site function efficiently.

PSD to Magento conversion

Reports and surveys have clearly depicted that ecommerce sites that are attractive, alluring and user friendly are much popular among the shoppers. The aim should be to place the site on the first SERP of Google so that it gains visibility. So, to improve the popularity of the site and enhance the conversion rates, website owners should convert PSD to Magento theme. Here in this article, we will discuss why it is important to go for a PSD to Magento conversion.

Magento templates are ideal for creating a browser compatible, appealing, SEO optimized and pixel perfect ecommerce site and business owners usually don’t have much knowledge about technology, but they have the design of the web pages before them according to their needs. A professional PSD to Magento Conversion Company can help to convert the PDF, PSD or JPEG files into Magento compatible formats without any loss of data or information.

How to Create Custom Magento Templates from PSD Files?

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PSD files are created by using Adobe Photoshop, which is mainly used by the designers. This typical file format usually has multiple layers and is more complex. But one great advantage that it enjoys is that it helps to create amazing designs and graphics. So, to make these files load easily on the website they have to be converted to Magento themes and templates.

PSD to Magento conversion is very popular and is a result oriented approach that helps to build amazing and multi-feature stores having a catchy look. The PSD files or images are sliced into multiple layers where the static designs are partitioned into various parts. After slicing, the static PSD files are converted to HTML and CSS formats by proper coding. They are then integrated into a Magento theme and this is the most crucial steps and should be done by experts.

How PSD to Magneto Conversion can Enhance Your Business ROI?

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We cannot simply neglect the benefits of having an online ecommerce website, but it is also important to create a site that guarantees excellent results. While converting the PSD files to Magento themes, it is important to hire professionals having great experience in the task. If your visitors are not very satisfied with your website, then you won’t get your expected returns.

Experts who are efficient in PSD to Magento theme conversion can help you to create a site that is easy to manage, supports multiple web browsers and is also optimized for the search engine. This will help you to target a huge audience base and increase traffic to your site and thereby increase the returns on investments.

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