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Debunking Common Myths About SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the leading collaboration platforms of Microsoft. Just like other products from the company, it is packed with lots of features. Then why there are lots of myths pertaining to SharePoint that has been spreading faster. All of these are totally wrong.

Debunking Common Myths About SharePoint

Here, we have debunked the common myths of SharePoint platform:

SharePoint is only a file sharing platform

If users are expecting only this from the platform, then they will miss out on many of its excellent features. Although it offers powerful file sharing features, but it is also suitable for team collaboration, enterprise content management, and a lot more. In case, if any functionality is needed by a company is not present, SharePoint solution provider can make it available with the help of custom web parts/ add-ins.

SharePoint has plain and boring look

Always remember that the look and feel of any platform rely on how it is configured and deployed. There are several options available for customization such as custom dashboard, project management systems, web parts and many more. All it will take is the team of dexterous programmers to utilize them effectively.

How SharePoint Development Helps to Map Workplace Collaboration

SharePoint only builds intranet

Initially, SharePoint was launched to develop intranets. But with the integration of Office 365, it can be utilized for building almost anything from websites to line-of-business systems. The best part is that the users can access SharePoint sites on mobile devices by using official mobile apps. What’s required is the in-depth knowledge of features and functionalities of the platforms, and developers have the experience to handle it.

SharePoint only supports big organizations

This particular point can be considered true in the past. That’s because earlier versions of the platform needed major infrastructural steps. However, this thing has changed drastically after the launch of SharePoint online. The platform is now easy to handle and work with. Apart from that, the seamless integration of the platform with Office 365 makes collaboration on the documents with an ease. This holds right, even if employees are working from home, which is common amongst smaller organizations.

Metadata and its Effective use in SharePoint Development

Only IT team is capable of working with SharePoint

The truth is that SharePoint is highly approachable, which can be used by every employee within a company. When the IT team deploys it, everyone can utilize this platform for collaborating and sharing resources on a regular basis. However, in the initial stages, it may require training to make users familiar with the SharePoint platform.

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