Dedicated QA Testers

Hire Dedicated QA Testers: Involve the Right People to Maintain Quality of Your Project

Quality is a vital factor that determines the credibility of a website, application or a product. Testing of a product minimizes the risk of failure and assures that it works properly after the launch. The application can be tested in many terms like logical, design, functional, security, operating system, multi-browser compatibility and etc. And Quality Assurance (QA) testing services also help to meet specific requirements of the clients. At IDS Logic, we have a team of QA resources, who are well versed and proficient with testing websites, mobile apps and even desktop based applications.

Hiring dedicated QA testers from IDS Logic means that your project is in secured hands and you never have to worry about the process or tools that are adopted for thorough testing of the application. We incorporate appropriate and latest testing methodologies to attain 100% quality and our certified testers are well aware of various browsers and operating systems that include Windows, Mac, Linux and etc. Our testing practice is a perfect blend of skilled software engineers and testers having expertise in latest testing tools and methodologies.

Our QA team focuses on test plan, test case development, debug management, bug maintenance, regression testing, automation tasks with equal ease. It is because of our well planned structure that we are able to save much time and reduce the cost of testing of your project.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated QA Testers from Us

  • Cost effective approach: QA outsourcing from our company ensures the most cost effective approach as you pay just for the actual working hours and this reduces the expenses on infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Integration into development process: Since our team works on the project following your business objectives, the testing process is tightly integrated into the development process
  • Full control: You will have complete control of the process and can manage the project directly and this helps to maintain the transparency of the activities of the team.
  • Easy resource selection: Easy means to select QA resources according to their experience and qualifications.
  • Expand/ reduce team size: High flexibility to create adjustable team size and this helps to reduce or expand the testing team, according to the demands of the project.
  • Experience in different testing process: Implement recommended design changes, regression tests and unit tests for performance and data integrity. Capability to use latest testing tools.

What Our Dedicated Testers Can Do for You?

  • Our testing experts can get your website, application or product thoroughly tested to ensure high quality.
  • In case you are developing a business website, our testers can test the functionality of the site parallel in every phase of the development.
  • They can perform testing process that includes white box, black box and grey box testing.
  • Our professionals can perform nonfunctional testing like GUI testing, functionality, performance, compatibility and usability testing and also security testing.
  • Experience in different testing process and tools: Implement recommended design changes, regression tests and unit tests for performance and data integrity. Capability to use latest testing tools like test link plugin, wave plugin, web developer tool and etc.

If you are interested in hiring dedicated testers for your project, then feel free to talk to our executives and let us know your requirements.

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