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Delivering Corporate Training in 6 Various Ways

With the rise of digital technology, there is a growing need to cater to effective learning, and organizations are today banking on Moodle LMS so as to establish a rich platform to offer corporate training and cater to various training needs of the employees. With Moodle coming to the market in the year 2002, many did not foresee the popularity that it would gain.
Especially designed to help employees and students learn in the collaborative online environments, organizations have now realized the business applications of this LMS to achieve impressive business outcomes.

Moodle Corporate Training

In this piece of writing, we will outline what Moodle LMS can do to enhance corporate learning and what are the benefits of LMS for your organization. Moodle LMS is an application that helps to regulate, administer, track and even deliver learning. While the LMS is equipped with features that help to deliver fully automated online corporate training, it also supports hybrid training models like flipped classroom approach and blended learning.
As a one stop solution, Moodle helps to deliver training materials to learners, assignments, track the learner’s progress, manage record keeping and continuous support.

The different areas in business organizations where Moodle LMS can assist you with:

Product and service launches:

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Moodle helps corporate sectors to create courses on their products or services so that it can help sales and marketing people with proper training and information. Additionally, you can add a glossary of terms and keywords that are used frequently to make sure that everyone understands the industry terminology.

Moodle LMS training acts as an effective tool for making sure that the employees have a clear understanding of the services or products that their company provides. Any product updates, changes or modifications can be effectively informed, so that the customers can also remain informed about the updated information.

The recruitment process:

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Moodle LMS development is not only used to training employees, but it can also be used for recruiting skilled resources. It can be set up in such a manner that applicants can send their resumes directly to the Moodle file manager who can use the various features to filter the applicants and even grade them accordingly. This will help to actually score the applicants and set the minimum evaluation grade.

Delivering compliance training:

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Most organizations lack effective resources and are not in a position to hire full time compliance officers, purchase software suits or implement governance. They usually have training programs in order to ensure that employees are compliant with government and industry regulations. Moodle helps mid-sized companies to tackle compliance training with the Lesson Module.

E-learning corporate course development:

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Moodle LMS development helps you to incorporate non-traditional ways of learning with some traditional ones that include audio, emails, instant messaging, games and etc. E-learning helps to do two important things, first it helps to dismiss the myth that online learning is unsupportive as it bridges the gap between the administrators and learners with continuous communication. Secondly, it helps to incorporate various activities that learners associate with, thereby making them more engaged with the organization.

Skill based training and management:

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Moodle helps to offer training modules that help in developing individual competencies and special skills based on job role requirements. This ensures that the employees chosen have the desired skills and expertise to do the task. With this type of competency training with Moodle, employees often get the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

IDS Logic has years of expertise and proficiency in Moodle. The company can help your organization to develop innovative corporate training solutions and other effective business processes that provide the employees with opportunities to meet both their professional and personal development goals, derive the best knowledge and information and continuously improve their skills using analytics.

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