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Drupal 8 Helps Startups Attain Business Goals

Business owners and developers have been waiting eagerly for the official release of Drupal 8 since its last announcement in 2011. It is one of the best open source content management systems that enjoy a huge market like WordPress and Joomla. Responsible for creating some of the high profile websites, it allows the developers and business owners to enjoy great functionalities and with the latest release it offers many additions and upgrades that helps to bring the online business boldly to the present consumers.

Drupal 8 Startups

Drupal development community is very active and a diverse group consisting of 1.1 million people spread all over the globe. The present release has brought with it over 200 new features and improvements compared to its last release. It has numerous benefits for the developers, but here in this article we will discuss the-

Major Advantages that Drupal 8 Offers for Your Startup or Small Business

Allow you to keep various options open:

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The latest release of Drupal addresses most of the shortcomings of the earlier version and offers the developers with infinite extensibility. This allows the business owners to keep their future options open and it is great for a startup project that isn’t very certain about the direction it has to go in the coming days. Since it keeps the options open for future scaling and integration, it is perfect for one-off projects.

Mobile friendly:

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Drupal 8 is framed to be fully responsive, so that the application can be accessed from any devices while maintaining the look and feel of the site. This allows the business owners to target a wider range of potential customers who are interested in availing services and purchasing products using their handheld devices. It delivers rich mobile experiences at the right time and this increases customer loyalty.

Good for prototyping:

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This CMS platform offers configuration fields, rules, countless contributed modules that are best for prototyping, taking ideas from interactive products to concepts in just few hours. It is also best for prototypes that focus on user interaction and this helps businesses to identify if customers will actually interact with the product or not.

Boost the digital business:

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Staying competitive in the market is very important to survive and for this you need to cope up with the changes in the demands of the customers. It is really amazing to see that many new sites, applications and services are coming up regularly to meet the consumer’s needs and demands to stay ahead of the competitors. Drupal development acts as an engine of innovation and helps to recognize that digital is more than simple marketing. It helps to accelerate the path to digital business by offering a wide range of capabilities.

Great support makes scaling and integration easy:

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Drupal website development enjoys a vibrant user community that offers various modules that you can use to extend the functionality of your site. It has an impressive track record and offers security and scalability to keep your website safe and updated. From small to large organizations, it allows business to become innovative and enjoy the growth in the market.

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