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Golden Rules to Consider During Drupal Migration

The word MIGRATION itself accompanies a lot of thoughts into a person’s mind. In this digital age, it is very important to stay updated as per the technologies and the business needs. Drupal is a CMS that is considered by many because of its robust and scalable features, but at the same time, business analysts often think of the challenges that often come up with the upgradation process of any Drupal websites to the latest version.

Drupal Migration

Upgrading to Drupal 8 is significantly an important business decision, but the trials and tribulations that are involved while migrating from a lower version to Drupal 8 development needs consideration. Hiring a Drupal outsourcing company in India can solve your problem as there are experts who are working in this field for many years.

While Upgrading to Drupal, Consider Your Decision with Future in Mind

What You Should Know About Drupal Migration?

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Drupal 8 has been a commendable CMS that offers immense flexibility, scalability, and great web performance. This has been some of the most important driving factors for businesses that are willing to migrate to the improved version of Drupal.

  • Information architecture advancements: With Drupal outsourcing services, you can easily get a new look of your site, but the migrated site will also have a different structure as it will have an advanced architecture. One thing that you should remember is that updating the information architecture does not mean that the previous version becomes obsolete. Rather, it would shift to Drupal 8 from the older version and perform all the fixes that are based on the exact needs. Drupal migration allows you to analyze the modules and fields that have not been used for a while and at the same time improves the ones that are not performing very well or it may even remove them entirely.
  • There will be a complete theme revamping: After the migration process, your site will have a completely new look which will be very different from your previous website. This is because the templates and the themes that were used in the older version are completely different from the new ones. So, migration would often lead to huge amounts of rework on themes and templates. Proper planning ahead will help to meet this challenge easily.
  • More emphasis on object oriented programming The concept of OOPS has always been a vital part of the integrated design system of Drupal. The version 8 also promotes the OOPS features by focusing on its importance. In the new version the modules, nodes and themes are some of the Drupal components that perfectly fit the description of an object.
  • Content migration: There are various challenges that are related to content during Drupal migration. Missing content and duplication are some of the major issues that should be taken care off. However, Drupal outsourcing companies should ensure the creation of field types that are at par with the custom modules in order to make the migration process successful.
  • Other technical issues: In addition to the above mentioned challenges, there are some technical issues that may cause hurdles during your Drupal 8 migration. These issues many depend on the version from which you have planned to migrate and the architecture of the latest website. You may have to relate to a lot of parameters, field settings, text fields, broken themes and more. Since these involve a lot of complexities, hiring a professional Drupal outsourcing company may help.
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