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How CDN can Boost Your Sitefinity Website’s Performance

Your website may have a lot of content in it and they may be in different forms like images, style sheets or JavaScript pages and it is very important for you to ensure that all the pages and content download as fast as possible. The content should also be easily accessible by the users from across the globe and for this; you need to use some technology that can help you to gain speed. CDN or Content Delivery Network is a great means to ensure that you deliver static content to the viewers quickly. It is highly effective and helps to enhance the page speed and also viewer engagement at the same time.

How CDN Can Boost Your Sitefinity Website Performance

Sitefinity CMS development is a popular platform that helps website owners create feature rich and functional sites and also manage the website content easily without any technical help. If you have invested in Sitefinity CMS, then using a CDN can help you essentially reduce the distance information that travels between the server and the viewer. Since CDN is a network of servers and has locations in multiple geographic positions, so when a viewer wants to access the information on your web page, the information is taken from the nearest server to the users’ location and then delivered. This saves a lot of time and makes the entire process of delivering content faster.

How CDN Helps to Improve Your Sitefinity Website’s Performance?

Faster Loading Times:

A CDN stores multiple content in the storage devices, that are present in the network and this contributes to quicker loading time for the viewers. What is more is that the CDN helps to store particular Sitefinity web content and helps to distribute it directly to the visitors at a faster pace. The files that can be stored in a CDN include the audio, video, JavaScript, image files, web fonts, style sheets and etc. CDN helps to speed up your website by reducing the time to request information, receive it and sent it back. A faster website means enhanced brand’s conversion rate.

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Better SEO:

Since a fast loading website with great performance is the core criterion of Google search engine, using CDN for your Sitefinity website development can help to improve your search engine optimization and the rankings. Fast loading times help Google crawl your website page and the more quickly your web pages get noticed, the more it will help boost your content among the searches. CDN also provides the extra security that helps to reduce the cyber-attacks.

Reduced Bandwidth Costs:

It is because of the CDN architecture that that there is less use of the overall bandwidth across multiple servers and if you are paying for the hosting based on your usage of bandwidth, then CDN can definitely help you to reduce the cost. The bandwidth reduction occurs as there are multiple servers located in different areas and the content is delivered to the viewers from the servers located at the nearest destination from the users. Since not all inquiries to your web page are from the origin server, so adopting CDN can help you to reduce on the cost of hosting based on the plans.


Every business owner is an optimist who visualizes the particular moment where their website delivers the results that they are looking for. Using a CDN can efficiently enhance your website’s SEO score, overall performance and speed of the site and also improve the conversion rate.

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