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How to Optimize Your Office 365 for Your Digital Workplace

Today, with Covid 19 pandemic forcing many business owners to go online and employees to take up remote work, it is very important to adopt a technology that can help in great communication and collaboration. This sudden switch of connectivity model for many users has a significant impact on the corporate infrastructure, which may have been designed for major cloud structure, but not designed for a situation where there would be multiple users accessing data simultaneously.

How to Optimize Your Office 365 for Your Digital WorkPlace

Microsoft has designed the connectivity requirements for Office 365 so that remote workers can efficiently use it allowing the organization to maintain security and also control over connectivity. Here in this article, lets discuss about some simple steps that your organization can take to reduce the impact that Office 365 has on the traditional corporate infrastructure. With some right add-ons and integrations, you can increase more productivity and efficiency from Office 365.

Say Bye to Cut and Paste when You are Communicating to the Entire Workforce:

When you have to update your entire workforce about any IT change, security improvements or etc, you may waste a lot of time by cutting and pasting messages in order to broadcast to multiple channels. Integrating SharePoint development with Microsoft Office 365 can help to reach the entire workforce effectively and streamline all your internal communications workflow. Since digital transformation is a priority of many customers, so internal communications play a crucial role in this. The integration of Office 365 with SharePoint allows them to digitally transform, inform and align employees at large.

Take Advantage of Office 365 Customizations with Power Apps and Flow:

With Office 365 applications, like power apps can be combined with the connection services and this makes the SharePoint customization services very easy. In some organizations, the end users themselves can set it up from scratch. Earlier, what used to take hours of time now takes minutes and need little or no testing before it is implemented. The fact is that Office 365 power users allows to use these custom capabilities in their environment in simple steps.

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Set Governance Policies for Office 365:

While creating datasets and documents via the applications, it is also important to govern who has access to the data that is created or added to your Office 365 or SharePoint environment. customized SharePoint apps and settings are a critical part of the process and it is also important to have control on who can make changes to the customized apps and features. Hiring a professional SharePoint development company can easily set up the solution and you can even control the features within a SharePoint customization based on the user profiles. So, with customized Office 365, any scripts and forms that you need to run can be set up as well as governed through the solution.

Empower Your Staffs to Create their Own Office 365 Customizations:

Enabling such governance offers numerous benefits to the organization. Not only can you have complete control on the access and features for scripts and custom applications, but it is also possible to govern the settings, security, features and also the lifecycle of your data. Furthermore, this can also be done in such a way as to guide your users to the correct actions. This can be done in such a way as to guide your users to perform the correct actions. They will have the ability to perform the tasks that is based on Active Directory, security groups or the organizational profile.


With Office 365, you can easily access all your files from anywhere in the world and optimizing it will help you boost productivity and efficiency of your company.

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