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Personalize Website for User Friendliness

Tailor made services or special discounts or offers are the key tools that can increase your customer loyalty and online visitors. When it comes to not so good customer experience, there are many companies that put excuses that they cannot be bothered to make their customers the core of their business by focusing on prioritizing their experience. And one most common excuse is that they lack time to go above and beyond to delight their customers. But it is purely a myth that it takes endless time to create personalized customer experiences. The reality is that, building the right strategy and implementing it will take only few minutes and it will help to improve your business a lot.

Website personalization through CMS often shows a great response and helps to increase customer experience online. A thorough analysis would show how a poor experience not only impacts the perception of the brand name, but also effects conversion rates. A bad experience often reflects a bad brand name as a whole and this can lead visitors to view you as unprofessional, frustrating and outdated. Customers usually expect the websites to act according to their needs just like a good shop sales representative.

Website Personalization

Reports and surveys have stated that 96% companies place some importance on optimizing the customer experience online and this has helped them to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Better customer loyalty and brand perception
  • Increased engagement and greater conversion rates
  • Better renewal, cross sell and up-sell
  • Higher revenues

There are various personalization tools that are available within the CMS systems like Sitefinity, Sitecore or Kentico. There are also third party tools that can be easily integrated with the existing systems, but most of the leading CMSs can easily integrate with these tools and help you to personalize your visitor’s website experience. So, the task doesn’t have to be daunting. You can start small and take a look at your web analytics software and try to understand what your customers are looking, or even run a survey accordingly.

Gain actionable insights:

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It is from an effective data collection, that you will be able to meet the audience preferences and understand what customers expect from companies when they make a purchase. Since personalized experiences are more engaging, inspiring, entertaining for audiences, it ultimately drives loyalty, satisfaction and sales.

Customize your packaging:

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Whenever you deliver some products from your site, make it something special for your customer with a personalized message. This will only take a few minutes, but this extra minute will help you to connect with the customer on a personal level and create a bond forever.

Fix issues before they happen:

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Whenever you offer your services or products, it is important to create outstanding user experience and the best means to do this is to solve any problems even before they realize that it exists. By staying a step ahead of the customer, you can now solve issues easily and create a seamless experience and remain in control of the user’s brand experience.

Unlock missed opportunities:

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By running an effective survey, you can gather digital customer data and use it to refine your products or services in line with customer preferences. It is by accessing this data and thoroughly analyzing it, companies can understand the customers in a better manner and react faster when required and even predict their future preferences.

Offering discounts or free stuff:

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Another easy means to make the customers happy is to offer them something for nothing. But this makes a huge difference and attracts them. Offering free products to the users often allows to deepen the connection with the customers and helps to increase the credibility and also reinforces the value of paid offering.

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