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Access Business Information with SharePoint

Communication, effective teamwork and great access to analytics are what every enterprise looks for while planning their business growth. And to attain this and sustain value, organizations have taken the help of various platforms that help reduce unnecessary burdens on IT resources. SharePoint created by Microsoft is a web application platform that is well equipped with multipurpose features that meets the most common necessities of any business. The promise of SharePoint development lies in time savings, better partner collaboration, enhanced business processes, revenue gains and more.

Access Business Information with SharePoint

It’s simple and straightforward, right? Attain one or more of the above and your investment will generate returns that are acceptable and beneficial for your organization. Report states that, given the sheer size of SharePoint and the fact that more than 100 million licenses have been purchased, it seems that most organizations should be teaming and collaborating better than before. In few cases it is so, but fat too often it is not.

How can You Benefit from Using SharePoint Development?

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  • Documents sharing:Files and documents are vital components of any business organizations and with SharePoint you will be able to easily share important information with the employees of the organization. Even if your business is located in some remote boundaries, it is with SharePoint document sharing that you will be able to offer information to employees of your organization.
  • Site management:Business organizations deal with various projects and this may need to create separate sites for each project, Managing all the projects is indeed a difficult task, but with SharePoint application, the site creation task becomes easier and even an employee with little technical knowledge can create a site of a particular project.
  • Easy integration with Microsoft products:Another major feature of Microsoft’s SharePoint is that it can easily integrate with several other Microsoft products. This helps to create uniformity of editing, modifying and reviewing of the files and documents that are shared by the employees. One employee can easily work on a particular file and get it reviewed by simply uploading it on the SharePoint server and the reviewer can check it without any trouble.
  • Search of documents: Usually organizations have 100 to 1000 of employees who work on numerous files and documents. Finding a particular employee and his work can be a time consuming and tedious task. But with Microsoft SharePoint, things are easier as the search feature enables all the employees to find relevant files, documents, group of employees and etc. in a systematic and refined manner.

The Typical Process to Increase User Adoption:

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Usually an organization considering SharePoint studies the available options, invests to make the right choice and even empowers the key staff to spend some time to create a proper plan for the implementation effort. It is only after the much anticipated go-live event that the organization realizes the true value.

  • General awareness: Increasing user adoption requires significant attention in engaging the user community early and focusing on the benefits to users and their roles. The success element should be first defined and communicated to the staff at large and it should address the goals to be achieved by the effort.
  • Capability assessment:It is after the measures of success are communicated to the employees that the focus should turn to assessing the capability of the company staff. Training should be provided in parallel with the implementation. This will also provide an insight into the staff capability and help to identify potential leaders who can help to empower their colleagues.
  • Training: Curriculum based training helps business users to focus on specific areas that are most important to their roles and responsibilities. Professionally developed trainings often creates confidence while interacting with the application and accomplishing the common tasks like accessing project sites, modifying and checking documents and etc.
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