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How Products Recommendations can Help You Boost Your Magento Ecommerce Site

There is no denying of the fact that customers are core to your ecommerce store. And it is very important to keep them happy by offering every possible means to make their shopping journey smooth and comfortable. With customer experience becoming core for all business, giving your customers what they are actually looking for is highly important.

Recommendation to Boost Your Magento Sale

With home stay orders due to COVID-19, consumers are also switching more to shopping online and their behavior is also changing a lot. The pandemic has forced, then to adapt to this new normal and business organizations are taking every step to make them comfortable. Using product recommendations on your Magento ecommerce development store can help you personalize the shopping experience for your customers while exposing them to more and more products found on your store, which they may be interested in purchasing.

What is a Product Recommendation?

Product recommendations are basically algorithms that suggest a list of relevant products to the customer who visit your Magneto ecommerce store based on their search behavior and the products that they are looking for. Exclusively for the Magento merchants, the product recommendations allow the business owners to deliver a more relevant experience to the shoppers and this capability provides a direct way to increase the sales and helps to reduce the manual work.

Why Your Magento Ecommerce Store Needs Product Recommendations:

Every Magento business can benefit from having the product recommendation feature and it helps to boost the sales in various ways:

Personalize Customer’s Experience:

Magento store owners can easily track the customer’s shopping behavior and set up their personal recommendations and this is really very helpful for the customers and they have a feeling that the business is paying attention to them.

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Helps to Identify the Best Products:

Business owners can easily analyze the performance of their products and create a list of the most popular ones that can help to attract the customers.

Increase the Customer Loyalty:

You can easily make your customers feel very happy by suggesting the products that are simply for them. This helps to make them feel important, save their searching time and make them return back to the store for more products. It is also a great way to increase their loyalty and make them continue with your store.

The Advantages of Having a Product Recommendation:

AI Driven Retail Experience:

Consumers nowadays spend more time on online shopping when their experiences are personalized. This ecommerce industry is now powered by AI, which is a collection of algorithms that help to automatically analyze the shopper’s behavior and offers them a list of products based on their purchase behavior. for this no page tagging or manual analysis is needed.

Different Types of Recommendations:

Merchants can easily choose from the different types of recommendations that are available for Magento ecommerce development and they are powered by Sensei and can be places across the storefront. The recommendation types included, Viewed-Viewed. Viewed-bought, more like this, Trending, Most purchased, More like this and Recommended for you.

Streamlined User Workflow:

The streamlined workflow helps to simplify creating the product recommendations into some clear and well defined steps. And this means that once the feature is activated, business can easily start recommending their products to their shoppers easily and within minutes.


Product recommendations are crucial for your business as they introduce the visitors to relevant items easily and quickly and helps to create a better customer experience. It helps in increasing conversions, customer engagement, average order value, loyalty and retention.


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