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Umbraco 8.6 Release: New Features and Improvements

Umbraco CMS is one of the most trusted and reliable platforms that business organizations are using to manage their web content. So, if you are a small or a big business owner looking for an effective ASP.NET CMS platform, then Umbraco can be in your list of choices. The CMS is the soul of any website and no website will be successful if it doesn’t have secured, feature packed and user friendly features. When it comes to web development there are multiple platforms, but choosing the right one is crucial that suits your business type.

New Features of Umbraco 8.6

Umbraco, an ASP.NET based CMS platform has come up with its latest release Umbraco 8.6. The new version has a whole bunch of new features and fixes, which is a delight to both the developers and content editors. So here in this article, we will introduce you to some of the most interesting features that is surely to improve your Umbraco experience.

Media Tracking is No More a Manual Detective Work:

This is the feature that has been requested by many users for a very long time. The ability to track the usage of your media items is now possible as Umbraco 8.6 development now supports this feature without having to use the 3rd party packages. This means that you will now be able to see and track the images that are being used or referred all the way down to which property it is referring to. This is a neat feature that helps to ensure that you know about the potential complications that are related to updating and deleting the existing items in your media library.

Custom Validation Messages: A Guide to the Editor

You are mostly used to seeing standard validation messages like “Required” or “This value has to be a number” while entering an input into any type of software. These messages are more helpful than just being said that your data could not be saved. Umbraco 8.6 development now gives you the ability to customize your validation messages as per the specific scenarios so that it makes more sense.

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Updated Media Picker Makes Things Work Accordingly:

Another feature that Umbraco has come up is the whole lot of changes in the Media Picker, but adding some minor fixes to the various pieces can actually help to boost the overall look and feel while using it. The selection of an element is more intuitive and it behaves just the manner you expect it.

Content Apps for the Members:

Another major feature of the Umbraco CMS development is the content apps that allow the editors to have an extra layer of editing functionality that helps to assist while preparing the content. It allows the Umbraco developers to augment the core content editing experience with some relevant functionalities. Content App is a very useful tool that helps to improve the editing experience and now it has become the functionality for the member’s section as well. Umbraco development will now give the editors a whole new level of options for handling members.

Improvement on Azure:

With Umbraco 8. the current recommended stable version of Umbraco will always have a room for improvement. Microsoft Azure handled locks in a way which was not compatible with the locking mechanisms that was used by Umbraco, but with this new version, Umbraco will now work even better than before when it is hosted in Azure.


Umbraco 8.6 has come up with a lot of new features and improvements that will be loved by both the business owners and the developers. With this new version, you will now have a better website and a user-friendly interface.

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