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How to Choose and Hire .NET Resources?

Hiring dedicated resources for your project is one the best things that actually works to your advantage allowing you to work towards your core business. .NET is a popular framework that allows the business owners to develop a wide variety of applications ranging from web to Windows to mobile based applications. The framework is capable of working with various programming languages and enables the programmers to create applications with codes across several languages. So, it is not very surprising that developers having mastery on the framework are highly in demand and can help you to stand out from the competition once your hire .NET developers.

Hire .NET Developers

Following some important tips and keeping them in mind whenever you hire a .NET resource will surely help to find the best qualities and develop a perfect project for your business.

Are You Planning to Hire Offshore .NET Resources?

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Hiring resources from a remote software outsourcing company needs a little bit of preparation and taking the preparatory steps will help you to make the most out of working with the team that is working remotely.

The very first thing that you need to do is to do a little research about your partner company and check their structure and then establish the exact skills that are required for the development of the project. Though it is perfectly fine to go through the various stages on your own, but an outsider’s perspective can always be a very valuable addition. For this, you can hire a technical consultant who can carry out an independent assessment of your business structure and let you know the type of software professionals you need to hire.

Know The Unique Challenges .NET Developers can Face

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Although there are some sweeping generalizations regarding a .NET developers work, but there are some unique challenges that they should be able to handle to make your unique project successful. So, before hiring .NET resources, knowing some of them is an excellent means to ensure that your project is in safe hands. Here are a few capabilities that your dedicated .NET team should have:

  • Proficiency of the latest version of Visual Studio: Your .NET developers should have immense knowledge on the latest version of Visual Studio as it is the foundation of all websites and applications that are built for Windows.
  • Optimize and maintain the applications: Though some developers think that web apps that are developed using .NET don’t need a front end optimization, while many believe the bigger challenge is to maintain the database, which is a more urgent work. So, while hiring .NET resources, check that your developer is able to optimize the application and also maintain it in the future.
  • Ability to write scalable and reusable codes: Since .NET supports various programming challenges, your dedicated developers should have the ability to write codes that can be reused across varied applications to save both time and money.
  • Develop an effective communication strategy: A well-documented and well planned communication strategy holds great importance when it is all about the success of remote collaboration. In case if you don’t have any plans, ensure that you have proper collaboration strategy to incorporate a meeting schedule with the structure of the entire company or at least the department with which the outsourced team will work. Since there are no universal solutions and each case is unique, it is very important to plan for your specific project and subdivide your in-house development department into smaller teams. This will help you to coordinate easily with your hired resources and then sync their work with the other teams present at a higher level.
  • Use best practices for hiring: It is true that you want to hire the best dedicated .NET developers for your project, but you also want to hire someone who will fit well within your existing development team. It is only by asking the right questions and following the best practices for hiring that you can choose .NET developer with the right skill and mindset that would complement your present team and their capabilities.
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