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Is SP an Active Platform for Knowledge Management

Knowledge management came into play a few decades ago when business consultants prompted their companies to understand that their knowledge was their major asset to boost their business. Collecting data, preserving and sharing them became a part of their business strategies that were aimed to increase the productivity and also bring down the operational costs.

There are multiple reasons why a knowledge management system is important for every company. Not only does it encourage innovation by structuring the R&D but it also supports the decision making process by implementing the best practices for the company.

Use of SharePoint: Some Advantages and Disadvantages

Microsoft SharePoint is used as a content management and sharing platform that may be used to capture and also share a wide range of information. But the question is, does this make SharePoint a great choice for knowledge management? Let’s see in this article:

Having worked with various clients from diverse sectors, we have understood how SharePoint development is used with many knowledge management processes. As a result, important capabilities can be easily identified that answers whether SharePoint development is the right choice for knowledge management or not.

Understanding SharePoint and Knowledge Management:

We all are aware that SharePoint is a great collaboration and content management platform that is used as a platform to share information within the business organization. It is highly adaptable and simple to implement and is a very effective information repository. The key features of SharePoint support the creation, editing and sharing of information with employees and staffs of the company.

Knowledge management solutions are mainly focused to support a knowledge intensive business process having clear and measurable outcomes. The process includes solution management in fields like IT or customer service. The key features support accurate and quick matching of solutions regarding specific questions. All the responses are presented and the system gathers a feedback from the users so that the most relevant responses are offered when similar questions are asked next time.

How is SharePoint Development Used for Knowledge Management?

SharePoint development plays a very useful role as an information repository and content management system. It is simple to implement and in order to retain the knowledge, there needs to be a centralized form of file sharing and collecting so as to store the content.

SharePoint was basically created to capture this and today it has grown over time, offering much more than only this usage. Being able to keep the information securely is crucial for reuse and is really something that SharePoint development does best.

SharePoint development has enabled the workers to come to a centralized location and meet all the content that has been created in the organization. SharePoint allows the users in the organizations to:

  1. Check in and out of the files
  2. Manage the versions of the same project
  3. Co-author on works
  4. Capture important information through document retailing
  5. Attack the contextual conversation of the files and the projects.

Besides being a wonderful platform for knowledge management and collaboration, SharePoint helps to save from the burden of experiencing huge knowledge loss. Without SharePoint, when an employee of your company has worked on hundreds of projects and has left, then the utilizable knowledge is permanently gone with them.

The Different Types of SharePoint Migration That You May Consider for Your Website

Using SharePoint helps to save from reinvesting and this can be critical to the company’s growth. SharePoint allows to capture the knowledge more efficiently and evolve the business processes that often prove to be invaluable.

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