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Magento Business Intelligence

In this world of advanced technology, business intelligence is a term that is often mentioned. The term applies to comprehensive analysis of acquired data and this plays a crucial role in the ecommerce industry as well. Customers are now looking up to experts who are well aware of the upcoming features of Magento Business intelligence and can help them to create the smartest strategies that are specific to the platforms they use.

Magento BI

What is Magento BI?

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Magento Business Intelligence is an analytical tool that helps the marketers to take smart decisions. It is a cloud based data warehouse that is designed to merge various data sources and has the ability to pull data right from the customer database. It helps the merchants to pinpoint the buyer’s behavior from any CRM database by using accurate information. It is the easiest means to visualize, analyze and also coordinate data from disparate sources.

Magento Community Vs Magento Enterprise: A Comparison

Since everyone can collaborate and view on the same data, Magento BI makes it very easy for the organization to maintain a single source to leverage the purchase history and behavioral data of the customers.

Why should I Choose to Use Magento BI?

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Besides collating all your data in a single space, Magento BI offers the opportunity to increase business control, while improving the efficiency of tracking goals, targeting the ideal customers and sending reports.

  • Complete control over who edits the data: Magento BI software offers the users a scale of permission level that ensure security and maintain complete control over analysis systems. The admin can edit the company’s data, reports, dashboards and metrics. The lower level of employees can have a useful level of insight and they will also enjoy the ability to view the dashboard and send out reports. This also helps to preserve the consistency throughout the data system.
  • Create and send reports effectively: Magento BI allows Regency, Frequency and Monetary analysis for segmentation and the tools allow to predict high value customers that are based on recent transaction, average order monetary value and the frequency of transactions. Automated emails are also a popular feature of Magento BI and it helps to send out mobile friendly, customized and regular reports making the company stay more connected.

Tracking of goals becomes easy with Magento BI

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The user-friendly dashboards enable you to track business goals against the data gathered and yearly performance. It is by unifying all the analytics programs that Magento BI helps to calculate your business ROI at a single place and also give you a bird’s eye view of all your online activities and the results by tracking and calculating the ROI and values.

  • Create beautiful web pages: As an ecommerce CMS, Magento BI helps you to create the web pages without the need to code it. The pre-defined templates and styling can be easily set in the software that helps you to post and also edit your own web pages according to your needs. You can also add some personal touch, create specific user profiles that you want to target by using the data analysis of high value customers. Your business website can now read more about the visitors and display them personalized content.
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