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Latest Software Testing Trends Of 2016

The online environment of today has created a new set of challenges for the software developers who are responsible for maintaining the quality of the web applications. The increased market demands have augmented the pressure on release cycles. There are new methodologies that organizations are adopting to maintain high quality of the product. Whether it is globalization or the advent of new technology platforms, businesses all over the globe are changing rapidly and quality assurance is nothing different.

Latest Testing Trends

The past few years have seen great changes in the testing space with various upcoming trends in the software industry. And with the increased adoption of cloud computing and virtualization, testers also have numerous aspects to consider to meet the challenges. One latest trend is to integrate the testing phase early in the process of development cycle and this involves proper coordination between the testers and the developers so that they can build products without any errors and also reduce the cost of handling them after release.

Latest Software Testing Trends

Rapid growth in mobile testing:

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With the increased usage of mobile devices in the market, there is a significant rise in mobile testing that includes checking the functionality, security and performance of applications and the devices. Some of the apps use the power of cloud as the prime means of communication. Mobile app testing organizations are becoming more and more concerned about the security as safety is the top concern at present.

Testing in the Agile environment:

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Most software development companies are adopting the Agile methodology to develop a product or application and they are working hard to create a holistic approach so that it fits with the agile environment without having to wait for the final delivery phase. The agile method offers great opportunities for the testers as they can self-organize and communicate regularly.

Prime focus of security:

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Security and system robustness have been the top priority of software developers, but with the increased growth in social media and the need for apps that can be integrated to multiple platforms; system security has become more vulnerable. There is a high pressure to ensure the security of the application, especially those that contain sensitive data.

Automation testing:

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It is very important for organizations to reduce the time to market their products, so that they can capture the huge market base. There are various codes that have to be tested repeatedly and in that case testers adopt automation testing wherever possible. Doing this helps to reduce the time to test the application and they can focus on some other work without wasting their valuable time.

Independent software testing:

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With great focus on maintaining the quality of a product, business organizations are relying on expert QA service providers. Software Company reduces the pain of finding skilled testing professionals and setting up a matured team in terms of technology and also a process.

Not one size fits all testing:

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Most testing teams often try to come up with a single solution and try to fit every project into that plan. But with different requirement and needs, this approach is not always successful. Testing plans should always be based on the products and testing teams should look at the products from different angles.

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