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Magento Ecommerce Technology Trends that will Help to Shape the Future after Covid-19

With Covid-19 outbreak there has been a great change in the way people do shopping and online purchase has increased a lot because people are now forced to maintain social distancing. The internet retail market will continue to be impacted by latest technologies as the demands of the consumers will also shift and they will move from their desktop to mobile devices. So, if you have a Magento ecommerce development store, then you should be aware of some of the latest trends that will have a big impact on the digital retail industry for the foreseeable future.

Magento Ecommerce Trends

Mobile App and the Wallet Technology:

The prime concern of Magento ecommerce businesses will be mobile optimization and so business owners need to integrate the mobile wallet functionality in their applications. You should also consider launching an app that targets all the major mobile OS platforms as it will help to boost the target market and audience. Since a lot of people shop online, they understand the benefits and also look for security while using a mobile wallet. So while adding a mobile wallet functionality to make it convenient for the consumers, take care of the security features so that the transactions are done safely.

Personalized Product Recommendations help to Boost Sales:

Product customization will see an increased growth as remarketing ads and recommended items will be offered personally. The ability to customize the products will be an important component of the previous trend and subscription services. Product customization will grow as one of the leading Magento ecommerce technology trends because it is easy for the consumers to use and eliminate the hassles of shopping and meet the needs of modern clients.

Automation of Various Processes:

Another most important trend that Magento ecommerce developers need to follow is automation. Automated processes are changing the way products or services are now customized. With automation the order management, inventory, delivery tracking and etc. can be easily done and this will help to make the business operate efficiently and there will be no hurdles faced by the customers.

How Two Factor Authentication in Magento Help to Boost Security

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Another biggest global trends in Magento ecommerce will be product visualization and this has changed dramatically over the past few years. It has helped to evolve from hard to view images to multiple images from various perspectives, the ability to zoom features and etc. with all these changes, augmented and virtual reality has also changed the way products are visualized. Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes the digital images on the user’s views of the real world via their mobile device and it is changing the way consumers can imagine the products before they take a final decision to purchase. These latest technology trends will have a great impact on the way consumers make decisions about the services and products.

Embrace Blockchain:

Blockchain is another most important technology, which is a wonderful innovation that allows the users to enter time stamped transactions into digital ledgers which is part of a vast network managed by a cluster of computers. The said ledger is digitally shared, allowing everyone to access and see the information, but they will not be able to alter the details.


Magento ecommerce is gaining much popularity now and with some latest technologies incorporated in the application, you can easily get ready for the future.


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