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Why Scheduling a SharePoint Migration is Important? How and Why

SharePoint is a great collaboration tool and it helps to manage the document and share them internally and externally with the employees efficiently. But migrating to SharePoint platform needs proper planning and it would really be very helpful if the migrations run automatically whenever you need without you having to sit during the migration process. It would be a lot easier if you could schedule your migration beforehand and the entire process would be lot stress free.

Why Scheduling a SharePoint Migration is Important How and Why

But is there any such tool that can meet your requirements exactly? Yes, there are various tools and SharePoint Migrator tool is one of them that makes the process easier and covers almost all the scheduling needs.

What is this SharePoint Migrator Tool?

Copying the organization data from on premise server to the cloud is a hassle for most of the organizations and it is time consuming and can often be very complicated. So to simplify the task, Microsoft’s SharePoint migration tool helps the users to copy the data from the SharePoint server to SharePoint Online. It is a step wise process that takes the headache out of the data migration. But not all organizations can use this free tool. So, before you schedule a SharePoint migration, it is important to select the right tool and other more comprehensive tools to make the process smooth.

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The SharePoint Migration tool copies the date from SharePoint on-premises sites or on-site libraries over to SharePoint Online, it is mainly used to share the information between the two versions of SharePoint and then bridge the gap between the cloud storage and on-premise.

Some Advantages of Scheduling a SharePoint Migration:

By scheduling, you can run the migrations in lesser busy hours so that your SharePoint sites won’t go down as the resource utilization by these migrations and users accessing the sites won’t get much affected. It can be easily scheduled when you want to migrate large amounts of data and ensure it by avoiding most server related errors. It is suggested to schedule the migrations when the servers are free and the resources are also highly available. Since you will be aware of some operations that are going on your database, you will be able to migrate the data accordingly and this will require scheduling the one time run task.

Not only this, you can also perform incremental migration and the data is automatically replaced or updated at the destination. If on-site information changes, then the SharePoint Migration tool will ensure that the cloud version has the latest information. You can also control the files that you upload on the cloud and you can select a custom data range specifying the files that you want to transfer over to SharePoint Online. Again the tool won’t copy over files unless that are properly formatted and support by SharePoint Online.

Thus, in simple words, scheduling a SharePoint migration development process is a good option for deploying the data from an on premise server to the cloud. The tools make the process fast, coupled with the clean user interface and this makes the process less complicated and time saving than everything that is done manually.


If you have plans to migrate to SharePoint Online, then scheduling your task would be the best thing to do as it not only saves a lot of time but also reduces errors that may happen while doing it manually.

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