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Microsoft Rolls Out the File Restore Feature

Data loss cannot be considered lightly for any growing website as both internal and external data of an organization consist of crucial and highly confidential documents. Any technology failures or unauthorized access can lead to data loss.

“With the innovation of the cloud drive, new capabilities have been delivered that helps the IT professionals and site admins. It is very important that site administrators are empowered with recovery features or options from accidental deletion or any other version issues as required.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft recently announced that it has rolled out “File Restore” option for SharePoint and the Microsoft team. The feature will enable the Office 365 admins to easily restore any files or folders that are accidentally deleted from the two services in the past 30 days. This File Restore option was announced back at the Ignite conference, last Fall and it is assumed that this will help to take the Microsoft 365 platform forward.
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File restore is available now for SharePoint document libraries, Teams, Outlook groups protecting files in SharePoint and Yammer groups that are connected to the Office 365 groups. It uses the same file recovery capabilities that protect individual files in the OneDrive for business.

How IT Pros and Admins can Use the SharePoint File Restore Feature Capability?

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Admins and IT professionals can use this feature to bring the SharePoint document library back to its previous state within a time span of 30 days. The user can choose a particular date and go back or he can use the slider that will move the document library’s state back to the previous dates. The File Restore SharePoint feature can be used if your files get inadvertently deleted by the user or your files get corrupted by any means or by any malware attack.

At times, there may be occasions when enterprises or organizations using SharePoint Online will require to restore the data from an earlier period of time than just the 30-day period. It is here that the backup and restore function will be needed.

File Restore for SharePoint development and Microsoft team is thus a complete self-service recovery solution that will now help the administrators and the site owners to restore files easily. The site owners can see the new “Restore this Library” option that is present within the library settings panel. This can be used as a self-service in order to restore any files or folders in the library that you suspect have been infected, corrupted or changed by the end users to any version in the past 30 days.

How can You Access This Latest Feature of SharePoint?

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To access this latest feature of SharePoint, the Office 365 admins have to click the gear icon in SharePoint and then select the Restore this Library option and then select a date range and the files that they want to be restored.

Microsoft is rolling out the Files Restore to Targeted Release organizations and it expects that the new feature will be available to all its Office 365 users by the end of the month of May 2019.

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