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Monetizing Your WordPress Blog Is Easy

Did you know how smart bloggers and website owners often use their blogs to make money without turning off their readers? The question, “How to monetize a blog?” is the first thing that most WordPress bloggers often ask. The truth is that you cannot expect to earn a lot of money when you first start.

Monetizing Your WordPress Blog

First, you have to create a name for yourself and then prove that your write-ups can stand on its own. It is only then that you can turn more visitors into cash. Here, I have penned down the common and effective methods of monetizing your WordPress blog:

Target keywords that are specific to your services or products:

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Everyone wants to attract more and more readers to their blog, but how is this possible? I have found that lots of people search keywords to get the best information on the search engines. So focusing on keywords that are either short or long tail words will help you to attract the reader’s attention.

It is only after thorough research that you can select some keywords relevant to your topic and use them while preparing the blog. Insert the keywords while maintaining the appropriate ratio and optimize the blog for the search engines.

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Invest in Pay Per Click:

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If you are really interested in earning some money from your WordPress blog, then one of the most popular technique is to use pay per click ads. This means that whenever a user clicks on your ads, you will make some money. Advertisements come in a wide range of formats like the sidebar text links, banners, in-text links, pop ups, full page ads and etc. The price per click will vary since some organizations use a bidding system while others a fixed price for every click.

Use sponsorship to make some extra cash:

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Getting someone else to sponsor your blog can of course bring in a big chunk of cash. But the only downside is that you will have to have a decent audience base to get the sponsor. Here is how you can take advantage of your sponsorship:

  • A review: You can write a review or your own experience about any product or service and share it with your audience
  • A banner ad: Create a dedicated banner for your partner and using it in your blog.
  • Dedicated email: If you have an email that follows from your blog, then chances are high that you can use it to monetize your blog.

Custom search engines:

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Another best means to attract the users to read your blog is to use an integrated search box. You can create a custom search engine and get paid when a user clicks on the sponsored ad that is displayed within the result. For this, you can use tools like Google AdSense for Search or Eurekster Swiki as these help to include sponsored ads within the blog’s search results.

Nowadays, there are also WordPress plugins that are handy like Search Integrate or Gigya Toolbar.

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