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Create a New Look and Functionality That Suits Your Brand

Want a tailor made solution for your LMS project? We at IDS Logic have extensive experience and capabilities in open source development for LMS. In today’s competitive e-learning environment, there is a great demand for unique designs and feature that enhances user experience and keeps the learners engaged. When it comes to building a theme like this using LMS, our creative designers have successfully delivered LMS themes that are perfectly customized according to your business needs.

We have years of expertise in LMS customization and have created bespoke LMS designs, customized existing plugins, developed course structures and a lot more for our clients. All our LMS theme solutions are as per your specific needs and sync well with the workflow of your existing learning system.

Some Key Features of Our LMS Customization Work:

Our LMS consultants help you to create a plan, evaluate your learning process, execute the strategy, assess the performance of the learners and create reports about the website’s performance. Our LMS theme customization helps you to turn a theme into a futuristic and very modern looking web environment.

  • Beautify LMS themes
    Our creative designers craft LMS themes in such a way that it blooms into a beautiful, amazing and modern design with high standards for aesthetic excellence.
  • Mobile friendly
    We customize LMS themes in such a way that they are highly optimized and compatible with smart phone devices and are user friendly.
  • Enhances Brand Value
    Branding plays a crucial role when you develop a LMS solution. Our years of experience in LMS allow us to ensure that every theme is consistent with your brand.

Our LMS Customization Services Include:

With more than a decade of experience in working with LMS themes and implementations, we at IDS Logic can help you with anything that is related to LMS.

  • Customized installation and configuration
  • New modules and custom features
  • Tailor made dashboards, reports and analytics
  • Customized templates and designs
  • Addition of xAPI compliance

How LMS Customization can Help Your Business?

Academic or learning organizations have to create an engaging experience for their learners if they want to achieve their goals. Customizing your solutions as per your business objectives will help you to:

  • Stay up to date with product features and help to pitch new items to prospects
  • Keep the learning material and data organized, and offer an easy access
  • Help to track both the student and employee performance for better results
  • Make the solution more cost effective than other training systems
  • Help to attain specific business goals that will lead to more revenues

Why We Consider us Strong in LMS?

The reason is simple. We have grown up with LMS, which has also evolved with various versions. Our LMS developers have worked on various projects and are aware of the technical feasibility that need to be incorporated during LMS theme customization. It is our sound knowledge in LMS programming that make us worth hiring.

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