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LMS Consulting: Helping You Meet Your Unique Needs

Just planning to get started with eLearning Programs and want the best learning management system for your business? We at IDS Logic can help you to capture the full value of latest LMS version by leveraging the expertise of our LMS consultant and maximizing the success of your LMS implementation. Our service helps organizations to take full advantage of the feature rich platform to meet their specific business objectives.

Even at times organizations that already have an LMS often require a clear understanding of all the options that they have when it’s time to plan for integration, customization, migration or managed hosting.

As a reputed LMS development company, our LMS consultants add great value to your project by answering all your queries and ensuring that you are on the right track. They help you to save your precious time and money and support you to make informed decisions and get the best benefit for your organization from day one.

From strategic planning to implementation and maintenance, our LMS e-learning consultants can help you throughout your entire project lifecycle and enable you to meet aggressive deadlines and solve business challenges.

LMS Consultancy: We Offer Advice in The Following Areas

  • Evaluations: Is LMS development best for your educational institute? Our experts do a thorough evaluation that includes surveys, reports, analysis and offer an informal presentation for a detailed comparison of LMS against your specific requirements. We help you to take the best decision for your organizations.
  • Implementation: We help you to focus on the LMS practicalities such as planning courses, designing, configuration, management and other particulars that need to be considered. We also help you to address any specific learning requirements and objectives and offer advice on how to use LMS so that it works best for you.
  • Processes and procedures: It is a rare situation that a LMS website is wholly standalone in an organization. Normally there is already an existing procedure or system. We help to bring clarity on how and where LMS plugins can fit the existing set-up and bring efficiency to your processes and procedures.
  • Integration and customization: We believe that all business is different from one another and so they have different requirements. Integrating a customized LMS extension or plugin will help to improve the flow of information and help you to manage the cost of your e-learning project. Our LMS consultants offer a wide range of services that are specifically designed to ensure rapid integrations with your portal, system, authentication schemes and other applications.
  • Version updates and features: With regular releases, it may be a difficult task to upgrade your LMS site. We discuss with you while taking a look at your present site and help you to gain a better understanding of how to work with LMS and how it can benefit you and the site.

Depending on your queries and your specific requirements, our experts may help you with focused consultation. Whether you want to involve a small group of management or a range of different stakeholders, we will be able to assess the requirements easily and suggest the best possible solution.

For an initial chat and understanding about our LMS consultation service, call us or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you soon!

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