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Extend the Value of Your e-learning Courses with LMS

The LMS platforms like Moodle software, Canvas, Blackboard, and Totara are excellent for delivering online learning courses to students looking for courses that can be attended from anywhere and according to their convenience. Its feature rich, flexible, robust and secured system helps to create personalized learning modules that can keep the students engaged. At IDS Logic, our LMS expert team can assist you with LMS integration and migration irrespective of your prior LMS version or any other existing LMS.

We have years of expertise to integrate LMS with business systems that help to keep the learners and teacher’s information updated. We offer our clients course, grade, enrollment and regular progress integrations and have a wide range of experience in integrating LMS with a wide range of student information, ERP, CRM, API, payment gateways, CMS and HR systems.

Our LMS Integration Services Include

  • CRM
    Our LMS developers have more than a decade of experience and have worked on a wide range of projects. We have the expertise to carry out LMS Sugar, Microsoft dynamics CRM integration that will give your customers, learners & employees all the relevant material & the ability to measure, track & optimize the training initiatives.
  • CMS
    Our LMS integration will help you to integrate CMS solutions that are developed using Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and etc. this will help the trainers to make any changes on the course material easily without having to wait for any technical help and also give you a one click access to the required course documents.
  • LMS collaborations, storage tools
    Whether it is SharePoint, Dropbox or Google apps integration, we can smoothly integrate the tools and help you to collaborate, sync, share and manage your e-learning content easily. OneDrive, a popular cloud services can also be integrated with LMS through the facility of Single Sign On and we are experts in it.
  • LMS Web conferencing tools
    With real time communication and collaboration, both the instructors and the learners can now easily collaborate with each other effortlessly. Webex, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar helps to conduct presentations, trainings and meetings with many attendees at a time.

Different Stages of the LMS Migration


  • Requirement Gathering & Planning:
    All the requirements and specifications related to the migration are gathered to create a plan of action.
  • Data Assessment
    This stage involves assessing the amount of data thoroughly that needs to be migrated from existing LMS to the new one.
  • Data Migration:
    The ideal way to do this is to divide the data on the basis of its intricacy and importance to ensure seamless data transfer.

Migrating Data from One LMS to Another is Easy Now

Every customer has their own set of challenges during LMS migration and so we start with a clear plan for a smooth migration process. We ensure that there is no data loss during the process and so all the processes and responsibilities are clearly allocated between our technical staff members and our clients. No matter which methodology is applied, we ensure error free migration that is very structured and cost saving.

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