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Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 security patches: All About the New Release Notes

The new Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 security patch release notes provide detailed updates designed to enhance the security of your Adobe Commerce deployment. Inside, you’ll find comprehensive information covering a variety of improvements, including but not limited to the following key aspects:

  • Security bug fixes
  • Security highlights providing details about enhancements and updates included in the security patch
  • Known issues
  • Instructions to apply additional patches if required
  • Information about any hot fixes included in the release

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-p1

The Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-p1 security release addresses a range of security vulnerabilities identified in earlier versions of 2.4.7. This update includes crucial security bug fixes designed to protect your deployment.

For the most up-to-date details on these security bug fixes, please refer to Adobe Security Bulletin APSB24-40

Security highlight

This release features an update to the one-time password (OTP) settings for Google Authenticator, addressing an error caused by a backward-incompatible change in version 2.4.7. The OTP Window field description now accurately explains the setting, and the default value has been adjusted from 1 to 29.

Hotfixes included in this release

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-p1 addresses an issue that arose during the migration of UPS integration from SOAP to REST API. This problem impacted customers shipping outside of the US, preventing the use of Metric System/SI measurements such as kilograms and centimetres for packages when creating shipments with UPS. For more information, please refer to the knowledge base article on the UPS shipping method integration migration from SOAP to RESTful API.

This is all about the new Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 security patches release!

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