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If you are planning to outsource your business processes, but have certain doubts in your mind that are holding your back, then this FAQ page can help you to clear them. Read our Frequently Asked Question section before you start outsourcing your project and get in touch with our experts to complete your job successfully.

What is software outsourcing?


Software outsourcing is a remote service offered by reputed software development companies that are responsible for developing fresh applications or solutions, client side maintenance and support. This eliminates the need for hiring application developers or maintaining IT infrastructure, thereby cutting the costs and upgrading the quality of services. Outsourcing also allows you to concentrate on your core business activities and expand it instead of worrying about other non-core activities.

What types of projects are usually outsourced?


It is possible to outsource any kinds of projects that may include website development, application development, testing services and even database administration services. Usually, companies prefer to keep database administration and networking services in house, but with reputed companies coming forward with their expertise, these requirements can also be easily outsourced.

Why should I prefer outsourcing my requirements?


Every business tries to reduce their expenses and raise their productivity and gain recognition for their core business practices. Offshore outsourcing often helps businesses to meet many of these goals by reducing costs of hiring experts and maintaining the infrastructure. It helps to gain easy access to talented workers for the requirement and minimize the risk of project failure. It also saves lots of time as outsourcing companies are located in different time zones.

How is quality insured in outsourcing projects?


We will make a thorough analysis of your project and then send a list of qualified professionals whose skill sets match the best for your project. You can then shortlist from the options. Once you have approved the candidates, we will proceed with the work.

What is the working schedule of your company?


Our software developers or experts will work for 8 hours a day starting from Monday to Friday. Our working hours are from 10.00 a.m to 7:00 p.m IST thereby working for a total of 40 hours per week. Our team may also work around 6 am GMT to 2 pm GMT, which means that both the parties will have 4-5 hours in common to arrange for meetings. Our project management team in the UK is available during normal UK working hours. However, in cases of emergency requirements or deadlines, our professionals can work as per the needs until the problem is resolved.

Do you offer weekend work services?


Yes, for mission critical projects, our services will be available even on weekends. We sign application support contract and offer services for such requests in weekends or even holidays. However, the charges are based on the application and they may vary.

Will you be able to work on UK, USA or Canada time zones?


Our professionals will be available during normal working hours when you can discuss your concerns. We suggest you to fix specific hours for communication daily, keeping in mind the differences in the time zone for guaranteed availability. You can communicate through phone, Skype email or Basecamp system. We will always keep you updated about the work progress through mails and you can also have a telephonic conversation during official working hours.

What is your payment term?


The initial payment has to be made before our experts start working on your project. In the coming months, you need to pay before the starting of the next month of work. Our timely schedule serves to protect you from making overpayments. If our customer’s credit record is good, then we will be happy to consider 30 days payment term. It will be reviewed by IDS logic’s credit control team.

Why should I choose IDS Logic as my outsourcing partner?


We have international outsourcing experience and our team has technological expertise needed to complete any project. We talk to our clients, ask questions and suggest innovative solutions that are best for their business. We maintain the confidentiality of your data and protect other business properties. All our services are cost effective and are delivered on time.

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