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Once you have decided to go for outsourcing, what happens next?

Taking a decision to outsource your client’s project(s) to anther company is certainly a tough one! We, at IDS Logic, understand that there are a lot of points that are required to be considered when it comes to deciding about outsourcing.

But once you have decided to go for outsourcing, what happens next?

As soon as you have decided to join the outsourcing revolution, you may take a look at the following dos and don’ts of the industry before proceeding ahead.

Do’s of Outsourcing

Understand Your Requirements First! –

Begin with the end in mind and half of your troubles would never exist. The most important thing is to understand your objective and needs. Think of the results you want to achieve and then look for a service provider that can deliver those results.

Contact Some of The References –

Always make sure to contact one of the customers of your preferred outsourcing company. This will help you gain a lot of information about how the team works and what is the quality of the results that are delivered. To gain an objective view, speak to 2-3 clients so that you get a better knowledge about the company and the services that it delivers.

Make Use of The Latest Online Tools to Manage Your Remote Workers –

There are a lot of online tools available in the market at present that can help you manage your project and check its progress by interacting with your remote workers in the best possible manner. Find out the ones that will suit your needs and utilise them to yield the right results.

Look for Commitment –

No matter what kind of project you are planning to outsource – simple or complex, big or small, it is extremely important that your chosen team of professionals complete the tasks taken in hand with utmost dedication and commitment. If you don’t find a committed team, then there are very less chances that deadlines will be met and stated results will be attained.

Consider The Legalities Involved with Outsourcing –

Sign a non-disclosure agreement with your outsource partner and ensure that you do not lose your intellectual property rights when the project gets completed by your chosen partner. When you get 100% IP protection, opting for outsourcing proves to be a good decision.

Don’ts of Outsourcing

Don’t Ignore Your Core Workers –

Just like having new projects on board is important for an organisation’s growth, managing the existing projects and the core workers of the company is important too. Thus, while you are busy expanding your business and outsourcing projects offshore, don’t overlook your core business and workers as they are the driving force of your company’s success.

Don’t Forget Your Outsourced Projects Need Your Attention Too –

Irrespective of the fact that you have chosen the industry experts to handle your projects, it is important that you give some of your attention to your outsourced projects too. Don’t let the professionals handle the tasks entirely on their own, there are chances that you might get surprised with the end results!

Don’t Hire a Team That Demands All of Your Attention –

While keeping a check on your project’s progress is important, don’t hire somebody who needs all of your attention. If you will devote all your time and efforts on a task even when it has been outsourced, then outsourcing it in the first place would come out to be a wrong decision altogether. Thus, look for a competent team that would not need your 100% involvement in the project, all the time.

Don’t Consider Outsourcing As a Short Term Activity –

Gone are the days when companies needed help to complete a project for a short time span only. With the ever increasing market competition, outsourcing has become inevitable. So, don’t run away from it. Embrace the changed business world, embrace outsourcing in its truest form.

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