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Search Advertising: Ensure Your Ads Are Visible To the Right Audience

Securing a higher rank in the major search engines is an effective means to increase traffic to your business website. But doing this involves a lot of time, patience and also dedication. Paid search solution delivers top page visibility instantly, but it requires you to bid on the most popular keywords that are relevant to your industry. Search Advertising works in a PPC format where the advertiser has to pay for each user who clicks on the advertisement.

IDS Logic, an online advertising company in India understands that targeted advertising works well and can effectively determine which keywords or phrases represent the most opportunity for business growth. Based on the specific industry, we choose the most beneficial avenues for ranking improvement making it easier for your brand to engage with.

How We Can Help Your Business Grow?

  • Attract more traffic to your site
  • Reduce cost per customer acquisition
  • Generate leads and convert them to sales
  • Boost business revenue

The online market has become very competitive and it is very important for the experts to learn new techniques of leveraging consumer insights, analyze various data and remain creative to gain a competitive edge. IDS Logic is a seasoned search advertising company delivering measurable outcomes on key business metrics. Our proven methodologies drive positive results for our clients.

Create a profitable search advertising campaign today with us and maximize sales and conversions for your site.
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How IDS Logic Works?


Our keyword management system integrates major keyword research with PPC advertising and content authoring tools and this perfect blend allows you to make informed search advertising decisions by using the data towards actions that helps to optimize the campaign. We use latest tools to harvest data that helps to easily identify the actions that will optimize your search advertising efforts. The data includes:

  • Information from major search engines about bid pricing and ad performance
  • Recommended keywords and phrases
  • Suggest negative keywords
  • Reports of actual visitors and conversions
  • Attractive pay per click ads

For better performance of your search campaign, our experts primarily focus on effective account structuring to meet specific business needs, adopt innovative optimization strategies, create effective business plans and track the performance and also explore new opportunities.

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