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Benefits of Social Media Integration with Magento

Traditional business has always depended on sales people to guide the customers, but with the method becoming extinct at a rapid pace, and people depending on the internet, they are now more interested to shop online and gather information by reading online product reviews and getting references.

Positive reviews and references from close friends or people who we trust are great influencers in taking shopping decisions. Today, it is through social media that we can interact with various brands and send messages, share our personal interests and reviews of any products.


Most online business owners prefer Magento development because of its rich features and functionalities. Social media’s impact on Magento eCommerce is also massive, starting from how the customer interacts with the brand, checkout stage and how online payments are made. Its high influence has essentially forced the brands to produce interesting content, entertain the audience and offer value that is beyond the product offerings.

How Integrating Social Media in Your Magento eCommerce Store can Help

With millions of people showing interest in spending more time on various social media sites, its integration often gives businesses the unprecedented ability to keep the customers connected with the brand and build a deep relationship with them.
So Magento store owners combined social media sites and developed various modules that could increase the popularity of their store through social networks.

  • Fast promotion: Social media integration with Magneto ecommerce often helps the users to share their product reviews, rating, photos and videos on various social sites and share them with friends and other users. it is a great means to promote your products without investing a lot of money.
  • Easy login option: With social media on your site, you can easily allow your visitors to use their social media credentials to create an account on your site. This will save a lot of time and help the customer gain quick login access without filling long registration forms.
  • Share company information and product description: Social platforms when used with Magento eCommerce site opens a lot of opportunities to appeal to the audience. You can share consumer stories, company news, provide valuable product information and tips to multitudes of people easily. The promotional posts can inform, educate and entertain the consumers and also keep them engaged.
  • Coupons and gifts: Social media is also a great platform to offer coupons and gifts to your customers and when they click the “Like” button or share your information with others, it increases your authority. This also encourages the customers to re-visit your store again and again and helps your products to reach out to many users at a very fast speed.
  • Interact with your fans: With social media integration, you can now quickly interact with your potential customers. All you need to do is monitor the posts and engage them on a regular basis, answer to their queries, reply to their comments, appreciate them for sharing your products or content and also participate in discussions. It also helps to build relationships with influencers.
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