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AI is Becoming an Integral Part of Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence is no more a hot topic of discussion only for the innovators in the science field, but it has also made its place in the mobile app industry and it is worth noting that AI has grown much more in the year 2017 and will continue its growth even in the coming years.

Google’s acquisition of $400 million of DeepMind is a great example of the mainstream AI application and the growth rate is gaining momentum day by day.

AI and Smartphone

What is AI?

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is typically a system or a technology that solves various challenges and performs tasks that are otherwise done by using human intelligence capabilities. In other words, there is no need of giving instructions to the computer or any machinery supporting AI for any job that you want to do. It will perform the job itself by using various capabilities that include machine vision, knowledge management, machine learning and many more.

How AI will drive future mobile app development?

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Various mobile app development have started to adopt AI as one of their main tools to retain and also engage their users. Reports have stated that intelligent apps were among the top ten strategic trends of this year and besides offering digital assistance, it makes easier to complete common tasks. With AI being implemented in mobile apps, people will be able to complete specific jobs easily and within the specified time.

It has become the need of the hour:

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With smartphones and different types of mobile apps getting attention among the users, device manufacturers are not very willing to keep the users scrolling among thousands of apps that are present in the Android or the iOS app store. Their constant efforts to offer an easy navigation and searching system has now been satisfied with the use of artificial intelligence and it seems a perfect fit for the scenario.

It has helped to improve the navigability and the convenience for the users and so developers are also integrating deep linking into the apps that they build which allows the users to even work across apps without requiring to launch them separately. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to transform numerous data from the user’s devices and gain critical insights about their regular physical activities.

Voice interfaces:

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Another prime reason to integrate voice interfaces is because of the growth of the Internet of Things. Surrounded by various connected devices that include phones, watches, lights, computers and etc. users don’t want to be confused about using multiple devices and want a single interface to complete their tasks. They are now looking for a universal interface that works across all the devices. And Voice is that interface that works across various devices and enables people to get connected from any location with a few simple voice commands. It helps users to interact with the apps in an intuitive and seamless manner by using natural and everyday language.

Increase in personalization:

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With people using their smartphones more and more, they are now demanding solutions that can help them complete their task even on the go. Mobile app development companies are looking to offer them a more personalized experience and AI technologies are now implemented in a variety of industries like some giants in the retail industry that include eBay, Amazon and etc. The success of AI implementation in their apps has already proved to be successful. The applications are written in such a manner that they adapt and adjust according to the user’s behavior. The data that is collected helps the app to create a more contextual and personalized experience for the users.

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