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Strategy to Follow While Creating Content for E-Learning Course

E-learning has become the most cost effective means of offering training sessions to students and staffs. And if it is implemented effectively, then it contributes to a measurable growth in business. With well-trained staffs in your business, it is possible to offer a better customer service regarding your products. But there may be some pot holes in your business when organizing the training content for your staff. Though it is a time taking process to create that the training course material is perfect, but spending the time is worth in the long run.

Strategy to Follow While Creating Content for E-Learning Course

Some Tips to Create Best E-Learning Content

Set the Learning Objectives:

The objectives of an e-learning course should be to offer the best information through the training material and for this you will need some planning and strategic activities. To accurately guide the process, you need to define everything early and identify the performance or skill that a learner should have to be competent in the role. This pre-planning will help the team with the direction to select and organize the content and also the outcome clearly and determine the ingredients that you will need.

Understanding the Gaps:

The focus of your e-learning development application should be to offer insightful information and for that you need to survey the audience and learn more about their experience and background levels. Having the learners take a pre-assessment can help to gain information about where your learners have a skill gap. This will help you to gather additional information or even resources to specific areas for further improvements. Pre-assessments often help to identify what the learners already know and what more they should know.

Conduct a Content Inventory:

It makes sense to know what you already have in your content database. This includes existing content before you start with your e-learning development and the opportunities of reusing and repurposing the existing content, images, text, vides and etc. Check all the items that you already have in your company and identify the ones that are missing. This will help you to review the material that you already have and identify what needs to be created by your content team.

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Translate Knowledge into Engaging Content:

While creating content for your e-learning development project, work with subject matter experts and get the right information. Working together will help to gather more crucial information and align them with all the objectives and points that are listed. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is being particular about what you actually want. So fix meetings with the SEMs so that they can provide insight and feedback and help in developing quality content on time and budget.

Design a Storyboard First:

In order to avoid overloading your learners with irrelevant content, it is better to organize the content, so choose storyboarding to determine the direction of the content without having to load too many concepts into the course. The story board will help to maintain an outline while you offer the course to your learners. Your elearning development company can help you to include all the major points without having to venture into less important topics. Storyboarding helps to bring all the components together that will make up the elearning course together.


While creating content for your elearning course, it is important to follow some guidelines to offer a great learning experience so that it leaves a lasting impression on the learners.

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