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The Benefits of Live Chat Integration with Your OpenCart Ecommerce Store

Did you know that the average conversion rate of your ecommerce store is around 1% to 2%?

This means that with every 100 visitors online, you will have about one or two person who will turn to your customers. Just imagine the same thing happening with your brick and mortar store where 100 people would be crowding and only one or two would make a purchase. Depressing isn’t it? Fortunately, the ecommerce rules are different.

The Benefits of Live Chat Integration with Your OpenCart Ecommerce Store

OpenCart is a popular ecommerce development platform and many business owners use it to create their online store. But many OpenCart users are not aware of the fact that customer care service is highly important for their online business and your visitors may feel disconnected from your store if they cannot find an answer to the questions at the time they need the most.

Live chat is the most important aspect of an OpenCart site and it helps prospective customers to get the information they need about the products right away. You can offer this live chat service as a real time communication channel that can address multiple queries at once. It also gives the companies a support on potential competitors who do not offer the same communication channel as an option.

The Benefits if Using Live Chat with OpenCart Ecommerce Solutions:

Increased ROI

Consumers who prefer to chat with a sales executive before making a purchase have about 10% increase in the order value. They also bring about 48% increase in the revenues per chat hour. Integrating live chat to your OpenCart ecommerce development site helps to increase sales and the point is that consumers also need someone who can help them immediately and solve their queries.

Chatting with Several Customers at One Time:

The advantage of a live chat support is that you can easily communicate with several customers and this cannot happen in real life and is also not possible over the phone. But one agent can talk with more than 3 to 4 customers at one time. This is possible because live chat apps offer great features that lets the executive to respond quickly and multitask.

Saves Time for Both the Customers and Business Owners:

Time is a costly resource for companies and OpenCart integration with live chat helps to use this time effectively. It is not only about free shipping or easy returns; a good customer service is also about not wasting consumer’s time. Offering live chat support is the best and effective way to value your customer’s time and it doesn’t require your customers to leave the website to get or search answers. Live chat option in OpenCart also enables the customer executives to make use of their time efficiently.

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Helps Gain Valuable Insights into Customer’s Behavior:

With live chat you can now ask your customers and gather feedback about their journey and any problem that they have faced during the process. This will help to gain insights into their needs and address pain points and develop strategies and make changes in the process accordingly. Since it happens in real time, you can easily capitalize on the momentum of a solid interaction which just took place.

After Hours Forms:

Every time the team is offline, you can easily gather customer inquiries and set up the after-hours forms. So when you log off, your chat window on the site is replaced with the form asking the visitors to leave a message. Once you log in, you can view all the messages and reply accordingly.

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