Sugar CRM Development

The prime focus of any business organization is to implement a customer centric and fully functional customer relationship management (CRM) process that works wonders by providing a deep insight into the business, customer dynamics and helps to grow comprehensively. SugarCRM is robust, flexible and widely used open source software that helps to effectively manage marketing, sales and customer support.

If you want to streamline your business functions and increase operational efficiencies, then IDS Logic offers SugarCRM development services that can help you to optimize the time-to- market and reduce risks in mission critical operations. Unlocking the potential of this platform, we help enterprises develop solutions that follow their business strategy, effectively sustain the changes and attain new frontiers in marketing and sales.

Available in both commercial and open source, it offers solutions in five versions: Community Edition, Enterprise and Professional, Corporate and Ultimate. It can be used by any company for market automation and sales force.

Business Expectations

It is a web based tool that facilitates various business roles by bringing them under a single and unified software system. Since the system is usually hosted internally by an enterprise, it allows authorized employees to access the software and efficiently deal with customer demands and queries. Some more benefits include:

Data quality: Since the system is centralized, quality data resides that is consistent without any duplications.

Audience reach: A targeted customer list and multi channel campaigns can be easily created using the tools. Personalized messages are also easy to generate.

Tracking engagement: Increased visibility into who is reading the message and capturing information from contact us becomes easier with SugarCRM web development.

Quick respond: Seamless integration with all the external systems offer a 360 degree view of the customer’s needs and queries and help to offer proactive support.

Increased sales growth: Integrations with social media, activity analytics and forecasting reports help to adopt strategies that can contribute to business growth.

Our Service Features:

Whether you are a startup company or want to enhance your sales and customer support, we can help you in any dimensions. Our knowledge runs on varied aspects and our developers can create solutions to customize functionalities as per the business needs. With years of industry experience, we are easily able to sense the business objectives of any organization and aim to enhance and automate business processes and maximize resource utilization. Some of our services span around:

  • Implementation of new features
  • Customized module development
  • Customized theme development
  • Solution upgrades and integration
  • Migration of data from other systems
  • Support and maintenance
  • Expert consultation

What Makes Us the Perfect Choice?

  • Easy access to domain expertise
  • Complete analysis of the client’s requirements
  • Thorough planning and design to meet the needs
  • Solutions that increase business efficiency
  • Regular reporting and effective communication
  • Excellent maintenance and support system
  • Timely delivery and 100% customer satisfaction
  • Professional services to suit every budget

So, if you are planning to outsource SugarCRM development, then call us or leave a quick note and we will get back to you within no time!