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Testing Industries And Verticals

Industries and Verticals: No Matter How Big or Small It Is, We Have the Answer

Creating an effective business solution using latest technologies offers a better growth of your business, but it is important to deliver high quality products or services to the clients and so testing the solution thoroughly is imperative. Regardless of the pattern of the industry, using best test practices can help you to anticipate the opportunities, area of improvements and even judge failures.


We at IDS Logic offer consistent testing solutions that cater to clients belonging to different industry verticals. Since different industries need different types of software solutions, the testing process also varies according to the specific verticals. And this is why clients need someone who has a clear understanding of their individual needs and can help them to get high quality solutions.

We have the expertise in offering testing services to clients coming from diverse sectors and all our solutions are flexible, secured and scalable. Our best testing practices, industry specific proficiency and firm test management are the prime three parameters that make IDS Logic a chosen software testing vendor.

Industry Verticals That We Cater To:

Our testing team has the expertise in working with different clients and is committed to deliver the best solutions that meet their specific needs and help them gain exposure, give a boost to their business and enhance their revenues.

E-learning and publishing: Verifying the learn ability of the web content is a crucial element and it demands a very well planned testing approach. It requires a subjective approach from a domain expert to confirm the instructional design. We offer comprehensive e-learning testing services and have expertise in various platforms that include ASP, JAVA, .NET, ASPEN and others.

Logistics: Digital technologies have made a great way into the logistics and distribution industry and business owners are also creating various solutions to digitize their assets, which has led to enhance the visibility of logistics operations.

From undertaking transactions and executions to tracking the delivery status via mobile devices, the industry has been developing applications to offer improved and personalized user experiences. Our independent testing practice ensures that the apps are delivered with strong domain knowledge and with high quality.

Travel and hospitality: Tourism portals or travel companies are increasingly adopting latest technologies to reach out to more audience. From booking tickets to choosing hotels, personalized promotion has become the key to driving customer loyalties. We test the applications from the user’s perspective and do thorough functional testing for the best experience.

Retail software testing: Our knowledge of this industry and clear understanding of their specific needs give us an upper hand in offering the best possible approach for retail testing. We ensure that the app has zero error and also perform beyond the client’s expectation.

Mobile app testing: Our testing team has the proficiency in testing various mobile applications that work seamlessly on numerous devices and technologies. With years of experience in this field, we have gained the desired expertise in testing for Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS and some other platforms.

To know more about what we have to offer, send us your requirements or talk to our executives.

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