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Reasons Behind Popularity of DNN CMS

Creating a business website is imperative to remain competitive in the marketplace, but trying to keep the audience well informed about the latest news of your company is also vital for your brand. And for this choosing a fully featured CMS is the most important thing of consideration. A good content management system always helps the publishers, marketers and the managers to add new content, edit the existing one and publish important events of the company without the need of any technical knowledge or support.


With so many advantages of using a CMS, managing both the structured and unstructured data of your enterprise is vital. DotNetNuke is a popular web content management system based on Microsoft .NET that has powered more than 750,000 websites all over the globe. The framework has huge advantages, which prove to be the reason behind its immense popularity.

  • List of current users: DNN development has helped big brands to build their websites and this impressive list of users serves as a good testimonial for the product. When powerful brands use a CMS, then you can be very sure that it offers great features and is a tested product that works well. DotNetNuke has been used for the past many years by companies like Verizon, NASA, NASCAR and many others.
  • Quick and flexible: Since the framework is based on ASP.NET, it is compatible with many other business applications and the code base of DNN is also very fast and efficient, which makes an extremely vital feature for the customers who visit your website.
  • Feature rich and powerful: The DotNetNuke platform offers a rich text editor to the publishers, which makes it easy to maintain and update any business information. Though most of the software available in the market is extremely useful and easy to use, DNN combines numerous user friendly features that offer the power to handle any type of application from blog management to document handling and multilingual capabilities to email marketing and etc.
  • Immense scalability: The platform uses the most modern technology like Visual web developer, Visual Studio and so it offers not only flexibility, but also great scalability to the developers. Website owners can easily add new features and modules to the site without affecting the web content. Administrators can also manage unlimited numbers of websites as its extensible framework allows the app to be created with great scalability and additional features.
  • Secured framework: Business owners who have hired a DNN development company to build their business app can be assured that the application will be highly secured. It has a security model that is built into the CMS architecture and this makes the platform very secured for building sites. The users can also be provided with their own permission and groups can also be created according to which the permissions can be set.
  • Huge community support: When it comes to community support, DNN offers the best one and organizations can use the benefits of this extensive user documentation and easy access to responsive support personnel. The community group also offers great assistance and helpful tips in case of any problems to keep the website running.
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