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SharePoint Features Declared at Ignite 2018

SharePoint plays a great role in application development and makes it easy to collaborate and share various documents with the employees of the organization. It is of course great for creating apps for teams and departments that can be used all over your organization.

As a reputed software development company, we have always helped our clients take advantage of various services to complete apps that help in document storage, connections to APIs, lists for basic data and much more. With this Framework, you can easily create applications by using popular scripting libraries and then streamline them to support various models and business operations.


Here in this article, we will discuss how you can use SharePoint development capabilities that are announced at Ignite 2018.

Call Web APIs and Microsoft Graph and Deploy Extensions:

SharePoint Framework version 1.6 has introduced the availability of APIs that help the SPFx developers to call the Microsoft Graph and Web APIs. With only a few lines of TypeScript, developers can now use dozens of key data types that are exposed through the Microsoft Graph, and in case this is not enough, you may connect to any Azure Active Directory as well as with Web API libraries.

The tenant wide deployment of the SharePoint Framework Extensions helps to make it easier to deploy the customizations and also resolve any common requirements.

Connect Various Components with Dynamic Data Capabilities:

One important design tenet of SharePoint pages is to empower the page authors so that they can easily mix and match and also customize the parts of a specific page to attain the desired result. Many web parts connect to web APIs and bring in great data, and other web parts help in filtering and visualizing information.

The preview of dynamic data capabilities helps the page authors to connect data dynamically between parts through the property pane.

Deploy the Application Pages and Web Parts to Microsoft Teams:

The Microsoft team has grown and is used by more than 200,000 organizations as the hub for teamwork. At the core of the teams are group chat conversations with related and relevant content that are just a click away. With updates from the SharePoint Framework, the developers can easily utilize the existing web parts and also deploy them to the teams as a tab.

New deployment options for the administrators will also come soon and provide new options for security. The administrators can then choose to deploy their web parts taking the advantage of the browser security tools to isolate the security context where the web parts are deployed.

Deliver Applications with Application Pages:

Web parts are popular ways to customize SharePoint and it offers the page authors with building blocks that helps to create customized pages. The SharePoint Framework supports a concept of application pages, thereby giving the developers a big canvas to feature their work.

These new applications are hosted on a single page with minimum navigational elements and without page wide scrolling having the same consistent development model as web parts.

Most organizations aim to increase the productivity and make use of the rich features of the advanced technology of Microsoft SharePoint Framework. It helps them to grow and also increase the cost of the organization too.

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