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Set Your Product Catalogue in Magento Store?

Once your Magento developer has created your ecommerce store, you are ready for its launch. But soon after the site is live, many merchants find that the task of managing their store’s product catalog is becoming difficult and tedious.

The Magneto ecommerce platform offers great advantages to any developers related to creating products and categories, import and export the catalog data and etc. But if you are still facing some problems, then it is time to create and manage the categories according to your products. The most common questions are regarding the configurable products and grouped products. So, here in this article, we will focus on those.

Magento Product Catalogue

Setting up your products according to the best categories is very important both for the customers as well as the merchants. Customers always want to find the products easily on the site and also see detailed information about it that helps them to take a decision on whether they want to purchase the product or not. A well-managed product catalog always makes the life of the customer a lot easier and helps to promote sales.

Categorize products with size and color variations:

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Your Magento development company can use the Configurable Products for the various products available based on the colors, sizes and etc. You must have heard about the parent product with the child product that are individuals based on different colors and sizes.

For example, suppose you are selling a dress and you have created single product pages for it and the shoppers have to choose their preferred color and size from the list of options. But some sizes may not be available in all colors, in such a case, a Configurable Product type works best. At the backend, you will have a Simple Product that is associated for every size and color combination that is available.

This will help to track the inventory and also report on the possible combination. So, in case you have to find out the best color and size combination that was your best seller, or a product that you have to re-order, you will have an easy access to all the data.

Made to order products:

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There are many products that are sold on Magento ecommerce stores that can be personalized with engraving. The best approach is to use a Simple Product with a Custom option so that the customers can easily change the options as per their needs. Custom Options can either be drop down menus or text fields and etc. Magento developers can use this approach for made to order products or personalized products.

It should be remembered that the Simple Product will have only a single SKU in the database, but you can add a SKU suffix for a specific option. Though this is not ideal for your reporting purpose, but it can be very helpful in picking and packing the order correctly. Setting up a Simple product with Custom options is in fact quicker, especially when there are various options like fabric, sizes and etc. for a single product.

Multi-piece products:

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Grouped products are best for those items where the customers usually order multiple items from the same page. This is also referred to as a Collection. For example, bedding sets, outfits, furniture sets and etc. You can easily display multiple products on the same page and the customers can order various products at one time. Grouped products can be used to up-sell the customers on various other related items or accessories.

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