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First Mobile App: Things You Should Consider

With millions of people using smartphones and tablets to re-main connected and perform a wide range of activities in their daily life, organizations are also coming up with smart mobile apps to offer better facilities and keep their customers engaged.


So, if you are inspired and want to create an application for your business, then it is important to take care of every part that includes designing and developing of the app. And this is where the hiccups start and you develop a fear, whether you would be able to successfully bring your mobile app idea into reality or not.

Developing a mobile app for that limited space on your screen may be a difficult task, but the success of the app depends on how well you manage that limited space and how feature rich your application is. So let’s discuss few important things to consider while building your first mobile app.

  • Set your goal: If you have an application idea, then clearly understand the purpose of developing the mobile application. Note down the problems that your app is going to solve and how it will help the users. Defining your goals clearly will help you to understand the various functions and be clear on what you need to do.
  • Do a market research: The main purpose of doing a market research before starting mobile app development is to know whether there are similar apps available in the market or not. A thorough survey will also help you to get some design ideas and gather more information on the technical needs of the app.
  • Choose a platform carefully: With numerous mobile app development platforms in the market, it is important for you to choose the best. Try to use an open source framework and generic code instead of choosing something that is a very expensive proprietary product. Initially choose a single platform for your first launch. If you go for multiple platforms, you will extend your development time and cost.
  • Identify your audience: Ask yourself a question – who is going to be my audience? Identifying your audience even before building the application makes it easy to design and add functionalities according to their preferences. Always remember that your application should make things easier, keep the audience engaged, save some money and share valuable information.
    Also note down their most preferred mobile OS as this will help you to choose the app development platform.
  • Consider the speed of your app: Did you know that an app that loads faster, reduces the drop off chance by more than 50%. Whether it is downloading the app or accessing the page, a quick respond to your visitors will have a great impact on their interaction.
    Users always are on the move and they expect that the app will respond quickly to their needs. If you fail to offer them this, then they are sure to move away to some other mobile app.
  • Your costing: Developing a mobile app is not something very cheap. The more features and functionalities you add to it, the costlier it would become. So, before starting to develop the app, try to spend some time on calculating the cost of developing your app. And then choose a professional developer who could charge something that would not exceed your budget.
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