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Boost Marketing Efforts of Your Sitefinity Site

Choosing a perfect CMS for your business is crucial, but it is equally important to optimize the digital experience of your site, so that your customers can remain engaged and interactive with the site. In today’s competitive and dynamic digital environment, we need to address many audiences and ensure that all our visitors see relevant content that delivers relevant information to the right audience at the right time.


Sitefinity CMS is a popular platform that allows the development of fully editable and dynamic websites. It offers tools for easy and quick construction of a wide range of functional and attractive sites. But maintaining a strong digital marketing strategy has always been very challenging for the marketers and Sitefinity has also tried to create solid features to empower the marketers to be more productive and performing.

Whether you are a business owner using Sitefinity for a long time or just starting, there’s a great news for you all. There is a tool called Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) that can help you to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss some interesting tips that can help marketers do their job better.

What is DEC?

It is a SaaS solution that is hosted in the cloud and handles over millions of requests on a daily basis. It recommends the best content experience for the visitors based on their previous interactions by using machine learning to pull from a large pool of data. The technical details are amazing and DEC abstracts this complexity and helps the marketers to complete their task with the help of dashboards and insights.

  • Tracking: This is a great feature that DEC adds to Sitefinity CMS development and the capability allows you to keep a track of the actions of the visitors so that they can enjoy the entire site, that includes pages, files, forums, forms and etc. All the reported data is stored in DEC and can be used for further marketing tasks. Some of the tasks are:
  1. Optimizing the customer journey
  2. Aligning the sales and marketing efforts
  3. Measuring the impact of the most important touchpoints
  4. Profiling of your website audience
  5. Evaluating the key conversion rates
  • Personalization: Sitefinity CMS helps to create user segments, so that it can be used to personalize the page or some content of it. With the help of DEC, it is easy to create customer segments based on your marketing campaigns. There are no complex setting or steps and Sitefinity will automatically load the campaigns, scored leads, personals that you have defined in DEC and will also display them on the screen. Another great feature of DEC is the personalization report, which helps to track total visits to the personalized pages and offers daily statistics for each segment.
  • A/B testing:This is Sitefinity’s top feature as it offers the ability to setup, finalize experiments and measure their success by using the customer journey analysis capabilities. You can easily choose different variants of the page and find out how people responded to them based on the goals. All the interactions of the visitors with the A/B tested page are reported to DEC and the statistics helps to evaluate the completion rates, the improvements against the original variant of the page.
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